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Vasantha Kumar (26)


07 April 2020

Felicitation programme organised by Karnataka Badminton Association for international medal winners in various categories during the 2018-2019 year.

04 Oct. 2019

Belgian International Challenge 2019 match highlights

02 Oct. 2019

Recent winning performance from Ramaiah rajan memorial karnataka State Ranking Tournament 2019

24 July 2019

Action Picture captured from India Open 2019 in pre quater final.

24 July 2019

Playing our best against Vladimir Ivanov/Ivan Sozonov the top Russian pair in badminton world in Syed Modi International Badminton Championships 2018.

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My name is Vasantha Kumar HR and I am from Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.
I am a Badminton player and am very passionate about this game.
I am playing this game for the past 8 years.
My best national ranking was No.8 in the country and best BWF International world ranking as on july 2019 is 71 in the world in Men's Doubles category.
I am training under Mr. Vinod Kumar U (Former international doubles specialist of India) and Mr. Jagdish Yadav (Former international player of India) at Yadav pro badminton academy, Bangalore .I am training on court for 4 hours everyday for 5 days in a week and gym training under Mr. Sam Philip for 1 hour every alternate day for 3 days a week.

While I’ve been able to do exceptionally well with the resources available to me, I am ranked 71 in BWF World ranking on july 2019 where as I am participating in international tournaments for the past 1 year, pairing up with Mr. Ashith Surya. I have reached a point in my career where I am confident to perform better in the upcoming international tournaments.Even my coaches are very confident on my playing levels .

My goal is in the next eight months I want to reach top 40 in BWF world ranking.

For reaching my goal I need to play a minimum of 8 to 10 upcoming BWF international tournaments. This campaign will make way for my goals.
This is something I am confident I will be able to achieve, provided I have the right opportunities and resources. Getting into the National team would be one option, but this is near to impossible, as the competition I have to face to get into the team, is from players who are already ranked in top 25 in BWF world ranking and having more international exposure .

Some of the challenges that are posing a hurdle for my dreams of representing India at the highest level are described as below.
International tournament participation costs anywhere ranging from a minimum of Rs. 80,000 for 2 tournaments in 1 trip in Asia and to a maximum of Rs. 3,00,000 for 2 or 3 tournaments in 1 trip in other continents. These expenses include flight tickets, lodging, food and local traveling for stadium to hotel.
Additional costs that I am already incurring towards my training fees , Gym fees , Transportation expenses , Food and Supplement expenses come up to Rs.4,00,000 per year.
am not from an affluent family background and to make ends meet , I am working as a part time badminton coach for talented young kids.

Hence, it is nearly impossible for me to fund myself for the international trips.
The only option left with me would be to look for help via private funding.

Your kind financial assistance towards my journey to the podium will play a very important role for me to reach my goal to become one of the best athletes in my sport, and I need your help to turn the impossible into a reality.

To excel, I need to constantly push my limits. I am ready to work hard, but at the same time, I know that the road to success will not be an easy one. By supporting me today, you are investing into something bigger than just a fundraiser and I promise that I will return this back to all future badminton aspirants by sharing my vast knowledge acquired.

Kindly request you to donate generously and share my profile to your near and dear ones on all social media platform like Facebook, what's app, Instagram, Twitter. This is something which will change my life.

Thank you for your support.
vasantha kumar hr

Born 1994 (age 26)

Personal bests

Badminton - doubles


World rank

Nr of competitions 20

Competition results

Badminton - doubles

Syed modi international championship super 300 1 Lucknow 26/11/19
India International Challenge 2019 1 Mumbai 20/11/19
Macau open super 300 1 Macau 29/10/19
Dubai International Challenge 2019 2 Dubai 16/10/19
Maldives international challenge 2019 5. 3 Male 24/09/19
Polish international series 2019 17. 1 Bieruń, Poland 19/09/19
Belgian International Challenge 2019 17. 1 Leuven, Belgium 11/09/19
Hyderabad Open 2019 17. 1 Hyderabad 06/08/19
India Open 2019 9. 2 Delhi 27/03/19
Nepal International Series 2018 3. 4 Nepal 07/12/18
Tata Open India International Challenge 2018 9. 4 mumbai,India 30/11/18
Syed Modi International Badminton Championship 2018 17. 1 Lucknow,India 21/11/18
Hellas Open 2018 5. 3 Greece 19/10/18
Dutch Open 2018 17. 1 Dutch 09/10/18
Bulgarian International 2018 3. 4 Bulgaria 06/10/18
Czech Open 2018 5. 3 Czech Republic 28/09/18
Polish International 2018 5. 3 Poland 22/09/18
Belgian International 2018 17. 1 Belgium 12/09/18
Lagos International 2018 9. 2 Nigeria 19/07/18
Coach Je Wilson Ghana International Series 2018 1. 5 Ghana 15/07/18


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