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Tom Kemp (18)

cricket 0

08 Aug 2018

i have no fitness results below average but i do have my verticle jump at the average level

08 Aug 2018

my fitness results above average are:
sit ups
50 meter sprint
push ups
basketball throw
stork stand
agility run
hand wall toss
grip strength


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I started playing sport when I was about 6 years old and have continued on since that day. My training program is cricket training on Tuesdays and Thursdays and then on the other week nights I go to the gym unless I have work shifts.

I love my sport for many reasons:
Its a team sport, you share success with your mates, you win aand fail together
My personality is very out there and strong, im easy to talk to and i find it easy to start a conversation with someone i dont even know.
my key strengths and attributes are, i am an easy person to talk to, i have a strong and positive personality and I will listen to anyone.
my clumbsy attribute is I tend two forget what people say to me.
In terms of sport i hope to be at the cutrrent club i am at the moment paying first grade cricket or even a higher level.
Mybintersts are cricket, basketball, golf and surfing
io dont generally listen to music before a gae to get myself pumped up i just listen to calm chilled music to make sure i dont work my self up and overthink things.
my biggest achievementy in sport is hitting the winning runs off the last over to get our cricket team into the finals
I dont really have a sporting hero but if i had to chose someone then i would probably chose Luke Hodge

Born 2001 (age 18)
Coach Duncan Hurd
Club Clarence cricket club

Personal bests


Nr of competitions 15

Competition results


sit ups 58 Aug. 2018
50 meter sprint 7.6 secs Aug. 2018
vertical jump 50cm Aug. 2018
push ups 38 Aug. 2018
beeptest 11.6 Aug. 2018
basketball throw 10.2 meters Aug. 2018
stork stand 1 minute 20 secs Aug. 2018
stork stand 1 minute 20 secs Aug. 2018
agility run 15.4 secs Aug. 2018
hand wall toss 50 Aug. 2018
grip strength 60.1 kg Aug. 2018
grip strength 60.1 kg Aug. 2018
height 183cm Aug. 2018
weight 67kg Aug. 2018
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