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Surtees Katherine (35)

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I endet my first 5k run in July 2017 in approximately 42 Minutes. It was a run with my company just for fun together with my colleagues. At the time I was a passionated Volleyball player still hoping to move up to the next higher league even know my career was dominated by being injured. The time on the court became more unpleasant from game to game. End of June 2018 I decided to participate in a 7k dash with a friend after having to quit my Volleyball carrier for good a few days before. The same day of the run my friend entered me in a Triathlon competition (500m swim-20km bike-6km run) two weeks later. I never had taken part in such a thing. I didn’t have a clue what Triathlon means but I was just to proud to not compete after being entered. As the day came closer I got very nervous not knowing if I would survive this and how this whole story would end. I told my self you can swim, bike and run since you are a kid there is not much more knowledge needed. I can do it... After struggling my self through all three disciplines with my trekking bike I crawled over the finish line Feeling half dead. At that moment I didn’t realize that I actually endet the competition with the 3 place from the back before the sweep bus. Telling myself I will never ever do something like this again I checked my emails that night and saw my friend entered me for the next triathlon again 2 weeks later. I guess that was the beginning of my new carrier on the roads and in the water. To get better I started to take swimming lessons and bought a racing bicycle. My fifth Triathlon 3 October 2018 endet on top of the podium in my age class. Towards the winter I started to run instead of biking and swimming. One day while having dinner at my favorite Sushi bar end of October 2018 one of my friends was joking and said your goal has to be the New York Marathon. What he meant to be a joke started to dominate my mind quickly: New York that will be my first big goal! I knew from the beginning: This path will not be an easy one. This path will be stony and difficult.

Born 1985 (age 35)

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