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Siyabonga Manyube (25)

Long Distance Runner 0 FANS

31 Aug 2019

17 Jul 2019

One of the best Marathons


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I am Siyabonga Manyube who was born in the dusty streets of Moses Mabida .I am the long distance Athlete who is busy flying the flag of South Africa and Kirkwood high.I ran more than double figures out of the Valley and few half Marathons 21.1km that was held every September month at Kirkwood High School sponsored by Grown 4u for the past three years.
I ran the big South African Marathons such as Two Oceans Marathon in Cape Town,BayUltra in Port Elizabeth&Sanlam Marathon in Cape Town to mention a few.

My bubbly personality and going out nature makes me a good person along with successful Runners from the get go and have the great sense of humour that captivates the attention of People.
My ability to be flexible with my training hours and being able to work well under pressure makes me competitive in my run because I go extra mile in ensuring that great results archived

I started with running in my early age at School but it was never recognized because our Black Local Schools are failing to groom learners from the lower grades even if it's once a week where every learner can be trained whatever Sport code of the learner's Choice ,I then trained Myself with running until I decided to start running marathons 5km and 10km's .

My dream is to win one of the biggest Marathon in our Country Combrades Marathon,the aim is to get attention from the youth so that they can realize that activeness is key because Alcohol&Drugs are being overused by our brothers and sisters who supposed to build futer by joining Sports but instead they do Drugs.

When you coming from these rural areas is impossible that you can achieve so, the aim is to change people’s mindset and the way of think because if you work hard and committed to what you love everything can be possible, I am coming from a very disadvantage background but that is not holding me back to reach my goals and be a example for other young people feeling that they do not have a place in this world. 👣

Born 1993 (age 25)
Coach Runner
Club Madiba Bay Worriors RC

Personal bests

Half marathon

Personal best


Personal best

Competition results

Half marathon

Kirkwoord Orchard Run 21.1km 13. 01:11.45 Kirkwood Sept. 2018


Two Oceans Marathon 56km 154. 5:20:34 Cape Town April 2019
Addo Trial Run 44km 18. 5:28:02 Addo Eastern Cape March 2019
BayUltra 50km 101. 4:35:32 Port Elizabeth Feb. 2019
Kirkwood 1. 1 day, 12:26:11 Kirkwood Orchard Run 10km Oct. 2016
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