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Suhail (37)

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the blind runner Sohail AlNashash, who made great achievements at the local, regional and international levels within the blind category. Sohail won the first place for the category of blind people in the Beirut International Marathon, the Samsung Amman International Marathon, the Aqaba Marathon and the Dead Sea Ultra Marathon and he ranked the second place at the Dubai International Marathon and he ranked the 9th place at Thailand Marathon 2013.

The participation of AlNashash in marathons was not restricted to the blind category, but his determination and his insistence on excellence was the main motive to participate outside his category in some regional and global marathons, he got the 17th place in Pattaya Marathon in Thailand and finished 11th in the Kuwait Half Marathon.

In 2013, Suhail Nashash added another achievement to his accomplishments by ranking first in the 1500m and 800m races and won two gold medals in the International Open tournament in Algeria which is the qualifier for the World Championship in France. Noting that Al-Nashash set a new record for the qualifying game in 800m
In September 2013, Al-Nashash ranked 10th place among 1600 participants from all categories at Chariofare marathon 2013 that was held in kuala lumpur, Malaysia, where he received an honorary plaque for participating as a blind runner.
During his participation in the fifth edition of Amman Marathon that was organized by Run Jordan association in October 2013, where AlNashash finished the 42 Km marathon in 3.27.16 hours to be the first local and regional blind runner to finish 42 Km. Nashash ranked the 18th place in that marathon among all the participating categories.
In November 2013, AlNashash was ranked first among the blinds category in Beirut International Marathon, where he was able to finish the marathon by 3.20.40 hours, and in December 2013 AlNashash ranked first for the blind category and scored 3.36.35 hours in California International Marathon. AlNashash also ranked 2nd place in the blind runners’ category at Dubai Global Marathon 2014 where he ran 10 Km in 54 minutes.
For the consecutive year, AlNashash participated in Paphos Marathon that was held in Cyprus in March 2014, where he finished 21 Km in 1 hour and 39 minutes and ranked the 13th place.
AlNashash ranked first among the blind runners category and 18th in all categories in Dear Sea marathon 2014 and he ranked 19th in the first edition of Independence half marathon that was held in May 2014 and scored 1.39.50 hours.
He was ranked 3rd among the 30-40 age category in Wadi Rum International Marathon 2014 and finished by 4.54 hours and ranked 5th place in 42 Km marathon and 9th rank in all the categories.

Nashash broke his personal record during his participation in “Ultra Marathon Porto Dead Sea” that was held last Friday, April 3rd, that was organized by Jordanian Association of Marathons (Run Jordan)where he ran the 21 Km in one hour, 22 minutes and 13 seconds and he ranked first in the blind category and among the first ten ranks of all participants in the 21 Km run.
Noteworthy that Nashash currently prepares for his participation in Tripoli International Half Marathon that will be held in Lebanon next May, er.

Born 1983 (age 37)

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