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Pilar Pascual (17)

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Hey there! I'm 5'57" and I play basketball. I currently live in Shanghai, but I am from Spain. I began playing when I was just five years old, although I began playing official games at the age of seven. I usually play point and shooting guard. I train almost every day after I finish my classes by myself, and I practice with my club (MELODY Moonie) every Sunday. I usually practice for two hours. My strength indicators are my shot and my attitude and love towards the game. I always try to practice and play as much as I can, pushing myself to my limits. I want to develop a good attitude and a love for the game like no one else.

Born 2002 (age 17)
Coach Jamal Hill, 丽姐
Club MELODY Moonie, Shanghai Livingston American School Team

Personal bests

Competition results


Basketball ADRIANA League Game
Shanghai, China
Loss 9 points, 5 assists, 3 rebounds, 1 block 11/03/18
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