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Petter Griffen (21)

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I hade to go to the bathroom and there were a crowd and me pushed my self through the crowd when I was in the stall the man named Tom Brady prepared under the stall door and asked me to come to try out for the Patriots, he was a short creepy man who didn't know who I was and didn't care all he wanted was to make me a star and I did exactly what oi wanted to do I became on of the best line centers in the NFL.

I have run for president in my life, I have been in jail and I have to do some other crazy things in my life, the best ones are with my friend's wheelchair guy, redshirt man, and I think his name is Cleveland.

Over my yard, I have been rich-poor middle and need help and throughout that, all my family has been there to support me.

Born 1998 (age 21)
Coach berry
Club Patriots
Physio/masseur tricia takanawa
Height 1.82m
Weight 270kg

Personal bests

Championship medals won

Competition results

American Football

new england
LIons Win 47-8 21/06/19
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