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Parth Karkar (20)




> I was indulged in playing sports since my childhood. As I grew, the ambition of becoming a true professional sportsman getting started to build in the inner self. Due to my academic career, until my 18 years of age, I haven't gone to any coaching academy, except those few summer camps.
> By the age of 18, I started my B.E 1st Year in September 2016. On November 5th of the same year, I managed to get by first single speed road bike by lending money from my childhood friend's father Mr Mathur Jogani. I used to take tutions to pay that money. Firstly I started to travel to my college (L.J.Institute Of Engineering)on the road bike. The shortest distance to reach the institute is 25km. For around 1 and a half month, I do riding 50km daily, thinking that it's a part of training.
> Exactly after two months of practising, there comes a 20km State Level Mass Start Race in Surat District of Gujarat. Not a podium finished from my side ;-), as it was my first experience in any event. But after this race, I got the idea where I stay and how much more effort I should put on.
> Then I increase my training to 75km. 50km in the morning going to college and 25km returning back to home. Then after a few days, I met some of the best cyclists of Ahmedabad, in one of a public bicycle rally. I started training with the best ordinary cycle riders of Ahmedabad and started preparing for the upcoming Ahmedabad Cyclothon in February 2017. This time I faced a hectic crash in mid of the race and manage to finish the race alone.
> That year was not so well in terms of my training, diet, racing etc. But I started some serious training with one of my friend and a talented junior by the end of the year. That training helped me to get the 10th position in my career's second race. A good 50km Cyclothon held in Mehsana district on 6th January 2018.
> Then I went Indore to play Indore Saksham Cyclothon. There I played in 50km Amature Category on my friend's bike and stood 8th. That race really encouraged me to buy a Carbon Road Bike and gave a thought to increase my racing level.
> Even having a family financial crisis, my Parents and my elder brother (Australia) supported me and helped me to get the MERIDA REACTO 4000 on EMI basis. I finally get a carbon road bike on 5th March 2018.
> After riding 1 and a half year on the single speed steel frame, the carbon frame was now proving a true swiftness for me.
I increased my training session and also made my own diet using Google.
> > Later in that month, I played back to back two National Level Races, "Bombay - Pune" which is of 120km and "Satara - Mahabaleshwar" Cyclothon, which was both organised by CFI (Cycling Federation Of India). I finished in a first bunch with many best Elite Riders of India who are playing from Railways, Services and players from all India. That race really persuaded me for the upcoming Nationals preparation.
> This way I continued to race once every month. I approached Mr Vishal Patel(Nutrionalist), who helped to manage my diet and improved my overall physique. I am so much dedicated regarding my diet that I do not even taste which is not required by my body.
On May 13th I was Runner Up in the 2nd edition of Ahmedabad Crankmeisters 100km Amature Race.
> Then on 3rd June I was again Runner Up in 50km World Environment Day Cyclothon 2018 organized by Gujarat Pollution Control Board and hosted by IFFCO at Gandhidham, Kutch District of Gujarat.
> With the help of my Parents, brother and friends backup, I went to Shilaru District in Himachal Pradesh for 15 days to do some power training as well as elevation (hill) training. There I trained under the coaching of Rajesh Sir, Cycling Coach from Guru Nanak Dev University (G.N.D.U), Amritsar.
> Due to bad weather, the camp get finished in just 15 days and we returned Ahmedabad back just in 15 days. That camp was proven a beneficiary for me. On 15th July I stood 6th in Ahmedabad Crankmeisters 34km ITT (Individual Time Trial) Race. Later that month, despite not having my actual game, I again stood 6th in Gujarat State MTB Championship held in Tirupati Rishivan Park, Derol.
> On 12th August 2018, I was 2nd Runner Up in 3rd Edition of Ahmedabad Crankmeisters 100km Amature Race. Later that month, on 19th August, I stood 2nd in Ahmedabad District Cycling Championship.
> Every athlete has to go through difficult times. And in my case, it was that time when I was in full gas to perform in Gujarat State Championship in September and in the first week only I suffer from Jaundice. And we all know what Jaundice is and at what level it can affect your body if necessary steps were not taken.
> And that concluded to stop the training, diet, exercise, everything. Total bed rest for 1 month. Thereafter I join John Coach Cycling Academy. My Coach helped to get faster recovery and prepared me for the Nationals which was on 22nd November.
There I played on behalf of CFI (Cycling Federation Of India) Team. I was in the top 20 in the mass start.
> Then on 16 December, I was a winner of the Seasons last race i.e; Ahmedabad Crankmeisters 50km Criterium Race.
> Recently came 2nd in 100km Mukundra Cyclothon on 27 January. Later that month participated in Track Nationals on behalf of Gujarat State Track Cycling Team. After two of days Nationals, again stood 2nd in Baroda 26km ITT Race.

Born 1998 (age 20)
Coach John Coach
Club John Coach Cycling Academy

Personal bests

Competition results


26km ITT Race 2. 00 Baroda, Gujarat, India Feb. 2019
100km Cyclothon 2. 00 Kota, Rajasthan, India Jan. 2019
50km A.C Criterium Race 1. 00 Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India Dec. 2018
100km Indian National Road Cycling Championship 20. 00 Kurukshetra, Haryana, India Nov. 2018
20km Khel Mahakumbh 6. 00 Gandhinagar, Gujarat,India Nov. 2018
Ahmedabad Dist. Cycling Championship 2. 00 Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India Aug. 2018
Gujarat State MTB Championship 6. 00 Derol, Gujarat, India July 2018
34km A.C ITT RAce 6. 00 Kadi, Gujarat, India July 2018
50km World Environment Cyclothon 2. 00 Gandhidham, Gujarat, India June 2018
100km A.C 2nd Edition Amature Race 2. 00 Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India May 2018
Rann--The City Chapter 5. 52.24 Delhi Feb. 2018
50km Amature Race 8. 00 Indore, M.P, India Jan. 2018
50km Single Speed Bicycle Mehsana Cyclotsav 10. 00 Mehasana, Gujarat Jan. 2018