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Ott Kiivikas (42)

Bodybuilding 55

01 Jul 2019

I would like to thank you Sweden bodybuilding and fitness federation for their hospitality and for invitation. And I really hope that I gave you some inspiration and some tips how to pose and train tomorrow better. đŸ˜ŠđŸ€— Hope that it was not last time to visit and teach you.

25 Jun 2019

I got invitation to Sweden National Camp what will held this weekend. I will do seminar and give practice lessons. See you soon and thank you for invitation!đŸ€—đŸ‘ŒđŸŒ

09 Apr 2019


KĂ€bi ei kuku kĂ€nnust kaugele? Ott Kiivika tĂŒtar Christin-Amani vĂ”itis esimese karika

EileĂ”htune kĂŒlastus Kanal2 saatesse "Õhtu" koos tĂŒtar Amaniga. RÀÀkisime sellest, mis olnud kui ka sellest, mis tulemas. JĂ€rgmine vĂ”imalus Amanit lavalaudadel nĂ€ha juba 27.04. Eesti karikavĂ”istlustel Salme kultuurikeskuses. Ootame kaasaelama!😉🙏

22 Feb 2019


TUGITOOLIS SPORTLANE | Ott Kiivikas: kui muudel aladel pĂŒhendutaks fitnessi eeskujul, oleks neil paremad tulemused

Õhtulehe podcastis selgitan nii enda edasisi tegemisi kui valgustan kulturismi ja fitnessi tagamaid, mis vĂ”iksid aidata paremini mĂ”ista sellest spordiala olemust ja ideloogiat. Head kuulamist!😉

21 Feb 2019

NĂŒĂŒd siis ametlikult ka profileeri sportlane. See hooaeg veel lavale astumist ei toimu, vĂ”tame aega kasvada ja taastuda veerandsaja aasta pikkusest vĂ”istlemisest, kuid eeldatavasti jĂ€rgmisel hooajal teeme ka debĂŒĂŒdi. Elame - nĂ€eme!

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I started bodybuilding trainings and competitions in 1993. I have won Estonian absolute title 17 times and won many international competitions. So far I have participated in 138 competitions and constantly been in top 10 in European and World Championships.

Height: 174cm
Competition weight: 85-95kg

Kulturismitreeninguid alustasin 1993a. ja samal aastal ka vÔistlemist. Olen tulnud 17 korda Eesti absoluutseks meistriks ja lisaks vÔitnud palju rahvusvahelisi turniire. Kokku osalenud 138 kulturismivÔistlusel.

Born 1977 (age 42)
Coach Myself
Club Reval - Sport

Personal bests



World rank

Nr of competitions 174

Competition results


World Chamoionships (-85kg) 5. Benidorm Nov. 2018
International Cup Grand-Prix -85kg 2. Ekarinburg Oct. 2018
Fitness Mania III (-90kg) 4. Tsehhi Oct. 2018
Eesti meistrivÔistlused 1. 1 Tallinn, Estonia Oct. 2018
Nordic Cup 3. Lahti, Finland Oct. 2018
Arnold Classic Masters -90kg 2. Barcelona Sept. 2018
IFBB The Belt and Road -85kg (3rd overall) 1. Xian, China Sept. 2018
Diamond Cup -85kg (2nd place Masters) 4. 17/34/16 Madrid, Spain May 2018
Diamond Cup (-85kg and masters open) 1. Warsaw May 2018
European Championships -85kg (Masters) 2. 12/24/10 Santa Susanna, Spain May 2018
Galinta Cup 1. Lithuania April 2018
IFBB Diamond Cup (2nd place masters) -90kg 3. R1x2=26, R2=11 Malta April 2018
IFBB President Santonja Cup -85kg (1st place Masters) 2. 9/18/10 Nafpolis, Greece March 2018
World Championships Masters (-90kg) 3. R1=13, R2x2=24, R3=15 Bistrita, Romania Nov. 2017
World Championships (-85kg) 6. Benidorm, Spain Nov. 2017
Estonian Championships (Overall) 1. Tallinn Oct. 2017
European Championships (-90kg) 7. Hispaania May 2017
European Championships (-90kg, masters 40-44y) 3. Hispaania May 2017
Estonian Cup Championships (overall) 1. Tallinn April 2017
Diamond Cup -85kg (3rd overall) 2. R1=11 R2x2=22 R3=10 Malta April 2017
Sweden Grand Prix (overall) 1. Malmö, Sweden April 2017
Mr.Olympia amateur (-85kg) 1. R1=7, R2x2=14, R3=7 San Marino Dec. 2016
World Championships (-85kg) 4. Benidorm, Spain Nov. 2016
Eesti MV 1. Tallinn, Estonia Oct. 2016
Galinta Cup 1. Kaunas Oct. 2016
Ben Weider Legacy Cup 2. Lahti, Finland Oct. 2016
EVLS 4. Prague Oct. 2016
Arnold Classic Europe 2. Madrid, Spain Sept. 2016
Baikal Grand Prix 6. Irkutsk Aug. 2016
European championships (-85kg) 1. R1=6, R2x2=14, R3=7 Spain May 2016
Sweden Grand Prix (-90kg) 1. R1=5, R2=10, R3=5 Sweden April 2016
Loaded Cup (-90kg) 2. R1=10, R2=11, R3=11 Germany March 2016
Wrold Championships (-85kg) 6. R1=22, R3=55, R3=26 Spain Nov. 2015
37th Pepa Opava Grand Prix 1. Czech Oct. 2015
European Championships (-85kg) 2. R1=18, R2=32, R3=12 Spain May 2015
World Championships (-85kg) 7. Brazil Nov. 2014
European Championships (-90kg) 2. Spain May 2014
World Championships (-90kg) 6. Maroco Nov. 2013
World Championships (-85kg) 8. Ecuador Nov. 2012
European Championships (-90kg) 2. Spain May 2012
World Championships (-90kg) 10. Azerbaijan Nov. 2010
European Championships (-95kg) 2. May 2005


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