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Top 10 Most Visited Athletes in June

Olivia (18)


24 Sep 2018

Cripps vs Karana:
Tough game against the two rivals, underdogs Karana Flames came to play with an impressive 5 point win over favourites Cripps Waratah.
Final Score: 46-51

24 Sep 2018

Latest fitness results: Round 2
Beep Test- Excellent (8.6), didn't beat P.B
Sit & Reach- Excellent
Push Ups- Average (improvement is shown)
Sit Ups- Excellent
Vertical Jump- Above Average (although there was improvement still needs more work)
Tennis Ball Throw- Excellent

24 Sep 2018

Reaction Time (Good)- Important for hand-to-ball coordination
Muscular Power (Excellent)- Using legs to accelerate quickly for rebounds
Agility (Average)- Changes of pace and direction throughout a game
Flexibility (Excellent)- To reach for high balls and stay injury free during the season

24 Sep 2018

Latest fitness results: Round 1
Beep Test- Excellent, new P.B (9.5)
Sit & Reach- Excellent
Push Ups- Below average (needs some work!)
Sit Ups- Excellent
Vertical Jump- Average (needs improvement)
Tennis Ball Throw- Excellent

24 Sep 2018

A few photos from the u17s and u19s state representative team practise match



- I enjoy playing Netball because its a fun and competitive way to interact with friends and play against one another
- I have quite a bubbly and outgoing personality
- Being an athlete I need to maintain a level head and have good sportsmanship on and off the court. As a defender blocking also know an dictating is the ultimate strength when stopping your opponent, this puts lots of pressure on while another member of your team will probably get rewarded with the intercept.
- In next 5 years I hope to be make another state side and achieve a position in the Tasmanian Magpies team.
- As well as Netball I also play a number of other sports such as Basketball, Waterpolo and Touch Football
- "Never let good enough be enough" this is one my favourite quotes, this reminds me to always strive for greatness and never let someone tell me I can't achieve the best.
- My best sporting moment was earlier this year in April when I made the state representative team and travelled to Adelaide to play against the best netballers in Australia.
- My sporting hero is Laura Geitz (Australian Diamonds player) plus, she has always been my idol as we play the same position and has so much dedication the sport.

Born 2001 (age 18)
Coach Laura Geitz
Club Karana

Personal bests


Nr of competitions 6

Competition results


Beep Test 9.5 Sept. 2018
Sit and Reach +14 Sept. 2018
Push Ups 22 Sept. 2018
Sits Ups 40 Sept. 2018
Vertical Jump 35 Sept. 2018
Tennis Ball Throw 32 Sept. 2018