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Noyan Akis (28)

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Noyan picked up his first racquet at the age of 6, at his family owned Tennis Club. His father was the one that taught him how to hit his strokes. He was initially going to play soccer but could not find other team members in his coastal city in Turkey. At the time Tennis was still new to the area, and he trained and practiced at the only club that had a license for international tournaments. This gave him tournament experience and point play at a very young age. He began touring Europe and Turkey, to tournaments that were suitable for his own age group. His family did not allow him to neglect his schoolwork just yet, but he was still training during the winter season, spending most of his summer days on the court doing drills, point-play scenario's and being physically prepared for big tournaments by his coach. He rose to prominence when he and his family moved to Canada. Quickly becoming a force to reckon with at his local club where he hit and trained on the regular. He began teaching private lessons at his club when he was just 14 to all levels. Until one day he met a man that had the proper links to give him a deal of his lifetime. All of his travelling expenses for his tournaments, hotels would be covered for. It was a true dream come true for Noyan. He began touring the United States and playing in future's USTA tournaments. He quickly grabbed the attention of giants such as Nike, Reebok, Wilson, Adidas. Noyan is a sponsored athlete by Nike and Wilson. He reached the limelight when he cracked the top 100 in the United States when he was just 19 years old. Now, 25 still competes when he has the chance, and shares his passion and love for the game during the summer season teaching tennis. He also has a side deal with Lacoste, prominently just for fitness modelling. He has said that he would give it one last push before he turns 30 to try for the big league in the ATP. We wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors, whether it be in his professional career or coaching career.

Born 1992 (age 28)

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