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Nick Edwards (31)

Rock Climbing 12

26 May 2019

Currently ramping up my training, and getting prepared for the 2019 - 2020 Competition season. Focusing on my power, core, and coordination skills. In addition to that I am trying to work my way to a healthy but lean body fat percentage. I currently feel stronger on the wall then I ever had and hope to keep this trend going.

07 Feb. 2018

Just finished the USAC Open Bouldering season. The first few comps of the year did not go as well as I had hoped but Nationals went pretty well. I got 45th overall and I am pretty happy with that. I got two tops and one of them was even a flash! I felt like I was close on another one. Now I know what I need to train and cant wait for the next season.

12 Nov. 2017
28 Sept. 2017

It's been a busy month or two but training is going well. I am starting to notice some results from all my hard work. Hoping to make even more progress before the Portland Boulder Rally and then Yank and Yard.

28 July 2017

I have taken advantage of Orbital Climbings personal training and am expecting my new training plan very soon. I am excited to get back on track with a more structured training plan that will help me ramp up for the upcoming USAC National Cup Series that will start in October.

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Wingspan 182.88 (6 ft)
Height 151.13, (5'9.5")
Weight 69 kg, (152.12 lbs)

Hey I'm Nick Edwards. I am a lifelong resident of Oregon and currently living in the Portland area. Climbing isn’t my hobby; it's part of who I am. When I started climbing in 2003, it took over my life like an addiction. Since then I have competed in many competitions and traveled to many wonderful outdoor climbing destinations. I became the first official president of the Oregon State Indoor Climbing Club in 2015. As president I worked with the club to make our climbing community more welcoming. I am currently training and looking forward to the next season of competitions and outdoor trips. 

Some of my favorite sends:
* Abstraction, V10 (Leavenworth Washington)
* Red Wave, V10 (Red Rock)
* Evilution to the lip, V10 (Buttermilk Boulders)
* Beefcake, V10 (Sad Boulders)
* Lowrider, V10 (Happy Boulders)
* Worm World Cave, V9 (Squamish)

Goals for 2019:
* Continue to push my limits in bouldering.
* Send my fist V12.
* Write blog posts and product reviews.
* Get involved in local climbing organizations.
* Help make the climbing community a welcoming place for everyone.

* First president of Oregon State University's Indoor Rock Climbing Club.
* 2019 Sending 3 V10's in one day.
* 2018 Competing in all of the national cup events.
* 2017 overall 2nd place for men's open in the Northwest Collegiate Climbing Circuit (NC3)
* 2016 overall 2nd place for men's open in the NC3
* 2015 overall 1st place for men's open in the NC3

Born 1989 (age 31)

Personal bests


Nr of competitions 61


Nr of competitions 27

Competition results


Chalk The Bloc 4. Asana Climbing Gym 18/05/19
Shamrock Showdown 1. The Rock Box 16/03/19
The Sender Games 2. Elevation Bouldering 09/02/19
USAC Open Nationals 45. 2:3 Salt Lake City 02/02/18
Battle of the Bay 48. Dogpatch Boulders 10/11/17
Yank N Yard 34. Albuquerque, NM 20/10/17
Portland Boulder Rally 25. Portland Oregon, USA 07/10/17
Bridge Town Boulder Bash 2. Portland State University 15/04/17
Palouse Climbing Festival 1. Moscow Idaho 04/03/17
Ropeless Rodio 2. Central Washington University 25/02/17
USAC Bouldering Nationals 69. Salt Lake City 03/02/17
Final Bash 8. Bend, OR 28/01/17
Imagine Bash 5. 2nd in qualifiers and 5th in finals. Bend, Oregon, USA 19/11/16
Portland Boulder Rally 13. Circuit Bouldering Gym, Tigard, Oregon 01/10/16
NC3 Sweet Onion Crank 2. Wala Wala, WA 16/04/16
NC3 Portland State Bouldering 1. Portland Oregon 02/04/16
NC3 Portland State 1. Portland Oregon 02/04/16
NC3 Dirtbag Derby 1. Eugene Oregon 26/03/16
NC3 Idaho University Bouldering Comp 6. Moscow ID 12/03/16
NC3 Vert Fest 2. Corvallis Oregon 05/03/16
NC3 Pullman Pulldown 2. Pullman, WA 20/02/16
Back to the Future 1. Eugene Oregon 31/10/15
NC3 Sweet Onion Crank 1. Wala Wala, WA 04/04/15
NC3 Rain City Send 3. Seattle WA 21/03/15
NC3 Palouse Climbing Festival 4. Palouse, WA 21/03/15
NC3 Rock Rodeo 1. Portland, OR 07/03/15
NC3 Ropeless Rodeo 1. Ellensburg, WA 28/02/15
NC3 Vert Fest 1. Oregon State University 14/02/15


NC3 Competition 2. Mixed Finals University Washington 29/04/17
Vert Fest 1. Corvallis, Oregon 18/02/17


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