new post type for reviewing products or services

Reviews are very important in today’s Internet society where influencers are gaining control over advertising. So our team wanted to give Sportlio users opportunity to show products or services they use and make an good review for others to read. Writing good review posts will also be chance to do more cooperation with companies or sponsors.

What you can add to review post?

New post type includes all the necessary parts for giving overview of product or service. You can add following parts (parts 1-3 are necessary):

  1. Headline – headline gives readers quick glimpse what the review is talking about
  2. Service/product link – this will help to redirect readers to product/service homepage, where it is possible to  find out more about product/service and make a purchase
  3. Pictures – adding picture(s) will help readers get more interested with the product or service you are reviewing
  4. Review text – here users can write as long as they want review text and add extra links

This is how review post is visible to user

How to write good review?

Review is usually written to evaluate or judge something. For athlete these items are food supplements, training clothes or equipment etc. It can be anything you use in your daily life that you want to let others know how it feels. In order to write good here are some tips for you written down from Lifehacker and Oxford Dictionaries:

  1. Explain how are you judging – what are the points how you decided that this service or product is good or bad?
  2. Introduce evidence that support your claims – if you have something to compare with, then write about that;
  3. “Good” is not always positive and “bad” negative – pointing out good and bad helps you to make review more complete and gives better validity;
  4. Note that your experience may vary for others – this is your experience and it might not be the same for everyone, so makse sure to note that in review;
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