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Melissa Hall (37)

Obstacle Course Racer 0

05 Oct. 2020


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24 Sept. 2020


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Fitness has always been a passion of mine. I didn't grow up playing sports, I was more of a solo gal... not sure where I fit in. I majored in Criminal Justice in college and was involved in many hands on training activities that involved team building and obstacles and I fell in love... with obstacles. A car accident and an abusive relationship sent me down into a dark depression that took me years to slowly climb out of... and it was obstacles that sparked that climb. While scrolling Facebook one day I saw an ad for a mud run near where I was living. I mentioned that I wanted to run it to my then husband who replied, "You can't do that, you aren't in shape."

Thanks to the unsupportive now ex husband, I contacted one of those annoying friends that ALWAYS bugged me to join her damn challenge groups... and I dove in. I ran that race... Not in my best shape but in better shape thanks to those damn groups. It was cold... so cold. I finished the race with hypothermia... but I finished that race. And I wanted to do it again!

I got in the best shape of my life and decided to become a competitive body builder. A divorce, closing my business, moving, a torn rotator cuff, gallbladder removal, ovary removal and come to find out ab muscles that were torn and healed wrong from that accident almost a decade ago, and then sexually assaulted in the spring of 2019... I changed my mind about body building. I didn't want to look like a bad ass.. I wanted to be a badass.

I used fitness and health to pull myself from the darkest hole I had ever been in to reshape how depression, anxiety and ptsd rules my life. It doesn't rule me , it changed me... I will never be who I was before and that is ok because now I am a warrior. I fight everyday. I will prove to the world that living with mental health is not something we suffer from it is a battle and those of us who have it... we will fight and we will win.

Born 1983 (age 37)
Weight 72kg

Personal bests

Half marathon

Personal best

Competition results

Half marathon

2:29:29 Mankato, MN 15/09/19
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