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Meelis Siimson (28)

Long Jump 11

20 Nov. 2016

Hello! Season is approaching and I hope y’all are as excited as I am! I kind of wanted to write this post just to let whoever is interested know, what I’ve been up to, and my thought processes behind my training. Last max out comments are in the end, if you want to skip all the nitty-gritty.
I think it was about 5 months ago, when I wrote this long Facebook post about how happy I am to be jumping without pain. Well... Now, 5 months later, nothing has changed. Still happy, still jumping, still no pain. In the knee that is. Yay! So how did I manage that or what did I do?
Main thing with the Jumper’s knee and other patellar tendonitis-type of deals is that your tendon is overused. We have all seen those movies, where some dude tries to knock down a door, and after like 20 roundhouse kicks the door bounces open. Kind of the same thing. You bang on the knee so long and hard it will give in under stress (in layman terms). So what if you put an iron lock on the door? Will it still be as easy to break in? Don’t think so. Iron lock in this case being a strong quadricep (Don’t get me wrong, leg muscles should be strong overall). Quadricep muscles take a ton of stress off the knees, therefore, I felt like that’s a good starting point. Little did I know hypertrophy work (putting on muscle) SUCKS!!!
I still throw up in my mouth thinking about those days. Deep squats with moderate weight for sets of 10 is not fun. I also gained about 15lbs(7kg) of weight over 8 weeks, just to make sure my body gets enough nutrients to grow. When I started running again, I had a legit weight vest on. I felt SOOO HEAVY. But running with a weight vest has its own benefits haha. I’ve had a steady increase of volume on the track and decrease in the weight room over the last months. Although season is around the corner, I am still pretty far from specific long jumping drills. Yes, I have some exercises that should transfer in to jumping well, but my main focus has been getting more explosive and powerful, which hopefully will increase my speed and jumping abilities. I feel like I can get away with not doing a lot of long jumping in practice (my jumpng in practice sucks, who knows knows lol), since my attractor wells (layman terms – muscle memory, although muscles don’t have a memory) are deep enough for any kind of funny and unwanted change in technique. I can use this extra time in focusing on other things mentioned above.
Hypertrophy over, I had no use of the extra fat I put on so I went through (or I guess still going) a slow and steady diet to maintain as much muscle and lose as much fat as possible. I have lost about 8lbs of weight thus far. Yes, I’ve gots abs again and yes veins are present as well (when you get lean as hell, they start to show up). You can imagine strength phase did not feel the best, since I was in a hypocaloric state (burning more than eating). Fatigue also accumulates faster, so managing it is very important (coming back to the knee, don’t want to knock the door down). I use 3+1 planning, where the first 3 weeks training gets progressively harder – ideally I’m dead by the end of 3rd week, and then follow it with a superlight week, where I let my body recover and get ready for the next cycle. I don’t know a lot of track coaches, who follow such planning, but it is extremely common in powerlifting community. You might think that it’s a week lost, but believe me, if you do this right, light week is much needed after the 3rd (death) week. What is the right amount and how much is too much? That is individual and takes time to find out.
I’ve been starting to max out in the end of the light week to see, how things are going and if I’m moving in the right direction. It’s definitely a cool way to bring some excitement to this gray and time-consuming grind (which feels extra-long training alone by the way).
Day 1:
Hang Clean, Deep Squat, Step-up, Bench
Day 2:
Overhead Shot Throws (4kg and 7.2kg), Standing Long Jump, Standing 5 Double-Leg Bounds, 10 Bounds from 5 step approach.
Why did I chose those exercises?
Hang Clean – good triple extension explosive exercise
Deep Squat – Strength measure (Good controlled technique extremely important)
Bench – Chest Strength, just for funzies, also arm swing.
Step-up – Unilateral full leg exercise, somewhat long jump specific (not per se maxing out, but working to a weight that I still feel fairly comfortable with)
Overhead Shot Throws – triple extension explosive exercise. 4kg is more of an explosive triple extension, while 7.2kg has an added strength factor (limiting factor in my case)
Standing 5 Double-Leg Bounds – No real reason to be honest. Triple extension, some extra jumping.
Standing LJ – something I’ve always done – good to compare to previous results
10 bounds – Probably the best personal indicator of current shape

Last Testing Results (previous testing results):
- Body Weight 79kg (81kg)
-Hang Clean 124kg (120kg)
-Deep Squat 130kg (135kg) – skipped 135, tried 140. Not a hopeless attempt.
- Bench 90kg (90kg)
- Step-up 175kg (170kg)
-Shot 4kg 21.10m (20.20m)
-Shot 5kg 15.05m (14.90m)
- Standing LJ 3.03m (3.02m)
-Standing DL 5B 15.25m (15.30m) – HEADWIND
-10Bounds X (39.30m) – HEADWIND killed all the momentum, didn’t even make it to the pit. 

I wish writing essays was that easy 

22 Oct. 2016

Max out nr. 1 results all in one video. Back to work.

13 Oct. 2016

07 May 2015

Üle kuue nädala opist möödas ja seis tundub isegi päris hea. Taastumine on suht exciting, kuna iga nädal suudan midagi uut valutult teha. Meel on väga positiivne, sest üle kuue aasta seganud vigastus peaks nüüd korda saama. Uskumatu hetkel ette kujutada trenni tegemist ilma valuta. See oleks lihtsalt nii ebareaalne. Hetkel on juba plaanid järgmiseks aastaks paika pandud ja pikalt mõeldud mida muuta ja mida paremini teha. Iseenesest peaks igasuguse trenniga paremaks saama, sest viimase 3 aasta jooksul pole mul olnud kordagi korraliku ettevalmistust. Eelmise aasta rekordi, millest muide eelmine pühapäev möödus täpselt aasta, hüppasin 7 nädalase ettevalmistusega, millest 3 viimast istusin väljas tagareie tõttu.
Järgmisel aastal saab kindlasti palju rõhku pandud just kiiruse arendamisele. Selle jaoks väga palju paremaid kohti maailmas pole. TCU sprint on ülikõva ja treeneritel on selge aim, mida nad teevad. 9 sekundi mehi toodetakse nagu Vändras saelaudu (või siis veits vähem, kuid siiski). Lisaks oleks päris tore ka trennis aeg-ajalt kaugust harjutada. Tavaliselt hüppan ainult võistlustel või siis kord kuu jooksul ka trennis.
Kaugus järgmisel aastal peaks ikka väga jõhker andmine tulema. Kindlasti huvitav jälgida just eestlastel kuna igast tegelased tulevad siis mätaste alt välja (eelkõige pean silmas ennast, teised lammutavad koguaeg). Olümpia-aasta. Eks näis, miskit ennustama ei hakka, aga omalt poolt annan kõik ja loodetavasti sellest piisab, et oma eesmärgid täita.
Oma koolis langesin eelmise nädalaga isikliku rekordiga kauguse kolmandaks numbriks. Sisehooajal hüppas üks jalgpallur 7.91 ja nüüd eelmine nädal Ramone pani 7.80. Trennisisene konkurents hea, ilm hea, tuju hea, trenn hea - küll tuleb.
Kui miskit muud põnevat toimub, annan teada.

18 April 2015

26 days out of surgery. #roadtorecovery

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LJ - 7.76m (2014)
TJ - 15.46m (2013)
HJ - 1.99m (2008)
Standing LJ - 2.99m (2016)
Standing TJ - 9.56m (2014)
Standing 5 hops - 16.28m (2012)
6 step LJ - 6.18m (2012)
10 step LJ - 6.83m (2011)
2 step TJ - 12.67m (2014)
6 step 10 hops - around 41-42m
100m - 11.43s (2009)
Flying 30m - 2.99 (2015)
Hang Clean - 115kg (2014)
Hang Snatch - 70kg (2014)
Step-ups 3x (30cm) - 163kg (2014)

Born 1992 (age 28)
Club Audentese Spordiklubi

Personal bests

Long jump

Personal best

Competition results

Long jump

1. 7.76 m Jefferson City 03/05/14
9. 7.41 m Pueblo 23/05/13
2. 7.46 m Birmingham 08/03/13
Balti matš 5. 7.4 m Valmiera 08/06/12
Eesti noorsoo MV 1. 7.46 m Tallinn 29/01/12
Bigpank Kuldliiga 1. 7.62 m Kohila 30/06/11
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