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Martin Aedma (35)

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 0

09 Oct. 2014

09 Oct. 2014

09 Oct. 2014

09 Oct. 2014


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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Bjj) is a combat sport which focuses on grappling and primarily on ground fighting. Through the use of proper body movement and posture, athletes seek to create leverage over the opponent. As a result, dominant ground control positions can be achieved and submission holds, such as various arm and leg locks or chokeholds, applied.
I started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at the age of 17. Over 12 years of training I have accomplished many goals in this sport, among highest are:
European Championship Double Bronze,
Scandinavian Champion,
7 time Estonian Champion.

Also I won silver medal from Estonian Freestyle Wrestling Championship in 2013 and became university Judo Champion in 2007.

What I'm still missing are medals from the highest tournament - World Championship!

Born 1985 (age 35)
Coach John Kavanagh
Club Võimla SBGi

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