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Liis Kullerkann (27)


14 Sep 2016

Peale pikka nädalavahetust ja kolme mängu (ja võitu) Soome klubi Woman Volley vastu on aeg pilk Ungari poole suunata. Reedel on esimeseks vastaseks Ungari, laupäeval Poola ja viimasena mängime pühapäeval oma põhjanaabritega. Sel nädalal on meil olnud vaid üks jõu- ja kaks pallitrenni ning homme õhtul saame juba ka kohaliku saaliga tutvust teha. Pöidlad juba varakult pihku!!
After a long weekend of three matches (& three wins) against the Finnish club Woman Volley, it's time to turn our full focus to Hungary. Our first opponent this weekend will be the host, Hungary on Friday, followed by top ranked Poland on Saturday and Finland on Sunday. So far this week we have only had one strength training and two volleyball practices to be as fresh as possible heading into the long weekend. First practice in the local gym tomorrow, wish us luck!

Ja lõppu panen ühe pildi tänaselt tiimiürituselt // Finishing this post with a photo from today's team building :)

02 Sep 2016

Jehuu! Esimene mäng mängitud ja võit ka välja teenitud. Mängisime täna siis Blessix Cupi raames Kohila/E-Service võistkonna vastu mis põhimõtteliselt oli koondis vs koondis kuna neli meie oma tegijat mängisid täna oma klubi ehk siis Kohila poolel. Hüppekas oli täna nats kange ja polnud kindel kas mängin kogu mängu üldse, aga õnneks valu ei tundnud. Natuke aeglasem olin küll aga mul on hea meel et seekord siiski nii kergelt pääsesin. Muidugi tuleb veel palju tööd teha et hüppeka stabiilsus ja liikuvus taastada, aga pole hullu. :)
Yay! Done with the first game of this new season. Today we played against the host team of Blessix Cup, Kohila/E-service, and got a 3:0 win. Technically, this was a national team vs national team match up since four (!!) of our stud players were on the other side of the net this time representing their home club. My ankle felt a little stiff today and I definitely felt a bit slower but at least there was no pain! So all in all, I'm glad I got away with just a scare this time. Of course the movement and flexibility of the ankle needs some work but I'm on it! :)

30 Aug 2016

Võru laager on peaaegu läbi ja ka trennid on vaikselt ülesmäge läinud. Sidedega on juba päris hea klapp. Kahjuks aga täna õhtul astusin mängus natuke valesti ja tegin vasakule hüppekale liiga (alati selle samaga jama ikka). Praegu kõige hullem ei tundu ja paistes ka nagu pole veel aga paar päeva kindlasti puhkan ja loodetavasti on reedeks korras sest siis on juba Kohila turniir ja temposid meil rohkem kuskilt võtta ei ole...
Võru training camp is coming to an end and we're preparing for our first tournament this weekend. I'm starting to feel pretty good in practice and the connection with the setters is getting better each day. However, during today's evening practice I took a misstep and tweaked my ankle. It doesn't seem too bad right now (little pain, no swelling) but I will definitely rest for the next two days and hopefully play on Friday. Well.. technically I have no choice since we just don't have anyone else to play middle on Friday if I'm out. Fingers crossed for quick recovery.

26 Aug 2016

Yesterday was a day off for team Estonia! Here are a few pics from our hike through the Meenikunno wetlands. This includes 'promotional photos' that one of my teammates took for for Skins, a compression apparel brand that will soon be sold in Estonia. I got to try their compression calf sleeves which were actually really comfortable, Maybe I should consider buying a pair...

24 Aug 2016

Võru camp update: eat, sleep, train, repeat . Photo cred to physio Kärt & coach Marko 😊

21 Aug 2016

About MINDSET...

Today I listened to an Elite Squared (E2) podcast about overcoming lows in a season. The podcast included 4 current or former professional and national volleyball players sharing their experiences and the ways they were able to overcome different lows during their past seasons (i.e. physical injuries, mental stress, playing time etc.). To be completely honest, I didn't really intend to finish the entire 1h 5min podcast, because I didn't know how much I was going to be able to relate to it, but to my surprise I got into it right away and in the end, got an extra boost of motivation for self-improvement in terms of mentality. My absolute favorite part about the podcast was when the host, Ryan Jay Owens, said something like this:

"The world itself is not the problem, it's HOW WE PERCEIVE IT that creates problems."

He continued by giving an example of how us getting annoyed with people or situations is not their fault, it is HOW we take the stimuli and react to it. We can either let these people and situations bother us OR work on our mindset to let go of the things we cannot control. Working on my mentality and staying positive has been my main focus since college volleyball. Not letting minor things bother me or negative people affect my confidence/mindset has really allowed me to find so much peace within myself. Sticking to it has been a challenge to say the least, especially around people with predominantly negative mindsets. I still have a long way to go when it comes to perfecting my mentality but I know I am already in a better place compared to where I started because I have recognized that HAPPINESS IS ABOUT MINDSET and mindset only, and I am willing to work on mine. Sending positive vibes to all of you!

18 Aug 2016

This week we started with volleyball trainings and it's been going pretty well. We probably started with too many jumps in our first two trainings back on the hardwood floor but since then we've been doing everything feet down. I think that's smart considering that we're still doing relatively tiring S&C trainings and it also allows us to improve the accuracy and quality of our practices.

In the weight room, I finally reached a personal milestone in hanging leg raise. During the spring national team camp I realized that I was in a pretty bad place when it came to that exercise as I could barely lift my legs parallel to the ground and even that just a few times. I wasn't the only one at that level, so our strength coach decided to set a goal of 10 reps all the way up for everyone by the end of August. We started including the exercise in our strength trainings in the second half of July and since then I have been doing at least 3 sets of 8-10 max. reps every time I've been in the gym, even on days when our program included just one set or none at all, for that matter. Although I've been really close for a few weeks now, I wasn't able to touch my feet all the way up, UNTIL this past Tuesday when I got two reps in a row which for me was HUUUUGE. And even better, today I got 7 in a row! So close to the magic number of 10! Can't even put into words how it feels to complete something that I never thought I would or could (it's about time I let go of the tall girl excuse) ... Watch out pull-ups, I'm coming for you next!! ;)

11 Aug 2016

I've been back with the national team for two days now and it's so nice to be working out with everyone again! Seeing everyone working hard and having your coaches pushing you every step of the way makes a huge difference during tough workouts. Yesterday we started the day with some joint mobility (super painful if done right!), balance and body control and finally 30 minutes if swimming, hot tub and sauna for recovery. In the evening, we gathered at a local park where for warmup we jogged for 20-30 minutes, did ladder exercises, dynamic stretching and 7ü% sprints. Then we got to the rest of the training which was made up of 3×500m sprints at 60% and 5 max. effort uphill sprints. The hardest part by far were the 500m sprints but it felt good to compete with teammates and fight with myself to run a better time each round. Today, we started the day at Sparta where we did a 1,5h circuit training where I got a little scare when I was doing cleans. I hit my throat pretty hard with the 40kg bar which left a nice red mark on my neck. For a few minutes it felt like there was something stuck in my throat but luckily everything ended up being OK and I was able to finish the training without any problems. In the evening we have another outdoor conditioning training which today is a surprise so we have no clue what's coming at us. :) Before that though, keep your fingers crossed for the Estonian men's 4-boat at the Olympic finals!! 🔵⚫⚪
Peale kaht päeva tagasi koondisega, pean tõdema et küll on ikka hea jälle treenida koos tiimikaaslaste ja treeneritega. Trennidest siis nii palju et eilset päeva alustasime liigeste liikuvuse harjutuste ja ujumisega ning õhtul suundusime Järve metsa ükke trenni. Seal jooksime 20-30 minutit soojendust, tegime harjutusi redelil ning 70% sprinte. Põhitrenn koosnes 3×500m 60% sprintidest ja viiest max. pingutusega ülesmäge sprindist. Täna hommikul tegime pika ringtreeningu, mis oli päris mõnus, kuigi korra sain küll ehmatada kui mul õnnestus endale 40kg kangiga rinnalevõtul otse kurku lüüa. Kaelale tuli ikka päris ilus punane ring ja korraks oli neelata ka raske aga õnneks läks kiirelt üle. Õhtul on Järve metsas üllatustrenn nii et ei teagi mida täpselt oodata. Enne seda aga pöidlad pihku Eesti neljapaadile olümpiafinaalis!! 🔵⚫⚪

09 Aug 2016

Whoop whoop! Here's to the official start of preseason workouts and my first post on Sportlio! I intend to post updates of the national team prep and competition through August and September as well as post about my experience in the 1.Bundesliga when I arrive in Germany in the end of September. Stay tuned! :)
Tere ka eestikeelsetele uudishimulikele! Otsustasin ka siis liituda Sportlio keskkonnaga et kirja panna oma kogemused ja tulemused professionaalse võrkpallurina. Esialgu on mul plaanis hoida kõiki kursis mu tegemistega koondise laagris, kus me valmistume 2017 Euroopa Meistrivõistluste teiseks ringiks mis toimub Septembris Ungaris ja Poolas. Peale seda liitun ma oma võistkonnaga Saksamaal et alustada võistlemist tugevas Bundesliga-s. Püsige lainel!







Hey everyone! I'm a 1.91m (6'3") professional volleyball player (Middle Blocker to be more precise). I'm currently a national team athlete for Estonia and I recently joined the Vandoeuvre Nancy Volley-Ball team in the Ligue À Féminine in the LNV (the highest league in France).

I have previously played in the highest leagues in the Philippines (Meralco Power Spikers, PSL), Germany (Schwarz-Weiss Erfurt, 1.Bundesliga) and this is will be my second season in the LAF as last year I was a part of the Stade Français Paris Saint Cloud team.

Here's a little about how I got to where I am now: I started playing volleyball when I was 16, after competing in track and field events for 9 years(!). I started in the Audentes Sports Gymnasium in Tallinn, Estonia where we trained twice a day all through high school. During that time I gained necessary experience in the Estonian women's volleyball league as a middle blocker (MB). After finishing high school (2010), I went to the United States to play volleyball at Ohio University. I started as a MB but got trained into OH/OPP after my first collegiate season. After graduating from Ohio University (2014), I transfered to Duquesne University to take advantage of my final year of eligibility (OPP). After graduating from Duquesne with an MBA (July 2015), I started my first season as a professional volleyball player in the Philippines where I played in all attacking positions during the short 3-month season (Sept-Nov 2015). In the spring (Jan-April 2016), I played as OPP for SWE Volley-Team in 2.Bundesliga in Germany and helped the team to a second place finish in the league. Since 2013, I have been a part of the Estonian National Volleyball team as Middle Blocker. In 2013, I helped the Estonian team advance to the third round of World Championship Qualifiers (in Azerbaijan, 2014) after beating Latvia, Lithuania and Iceland in the first round. Although we lost to the strong teams of Serbia, Azerbaijan and Israel in the 3.round, we gained invaluable experience that helped us grow as a team. In May 2016, we beat the national teams of Denmark, Luxembourg and Sweden to win our pool in the first round of Eurovolley 2017. After that, I decided to continue in Germany and stayed in Erfurt, except this time we moved up to 1.Bundesliga and the team was rebranded to Schwarz-Weiss Erfurt. After a quite unsuccessful season for this team, I decided that it was time to move on and accepted an offer to play in Paris in the LAF. After that season, I again joined the national team when in May and June 2018 we participated in the European Silver League for the first time in our country's history. We were able to advance to the Final Four with the national teams of Sweden, Austria and Albania.

Born 1991 (age 27)

Personal bests

Competition results

Volleyball (PTS/effect./att. EXC%/BLC)

Friendly Match
Alytus, Lithuania
National Volleyball Team of Belarus Loss 2:3 2016
Friendly Match
Lithuanian National Volleyball Team Win 3:1 2016
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