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Top 10 Most Visited Athletes in June

Levi Perry (29)

Pistol Shooting

20 Aug 2016

Still waiting for my pistol permit, will update as soon as I get it.

18 Aug 2016

When you support an athlete you are doing so much more than just being a number. You are an integral part of that athlete's journey.

16 Aug 2016

Great News! I submitted my pistol permit. Now we wait and hope for the best.

16 Aug 2016

Makarov .380 ACP pistol. This gun was kept for me for over 25 years, unknown to me, by my late father. I will be posting progress of shooting once I receive my pistol permit (pending)

16 Aug 2016

NRA Qualification Shots at 5 yards and 7 yards.



I am an amateur pistol shooter brand new to the sport. I grew up shooting with my dad and brother in the woods behind my house. 25 years later, I was given a very special pistol from my late father that gave me a new, renouned spirit of following my childhood dream: To make the US Olympic Shooting Team. I am dedicated to pursuing the sport of shooting to present how guns can indeed be used safely and effectively. My additional goals are to inspire others to learn about gun safety and if interested, to get into the sport and never give up.

Born 1989 (age 29)
Coach Dennis Perry (Deceased)
Club None

Competition results

Levi Perry hasn't added his results yet.
Check back soon or follow him to receive updates.