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Lauren Salisbury (17)

Karate 1 FAN

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I took up the sport at the age of 5 following my dad developing an interest in the sport. He took me along to classes to watch and after 2 lessons I insisted in joining in. Soon it became a family affair with my older sister starting 6 months later and my younger sister joining in as soon as she was old enough.

I competed at my first competition at the age of 6, where I competed in both fighting and kata (the two disciplines in karate) and managed to win a bronze medal, my first ever. Since that day I fell in love with the competing and started to compete in more and more local competitions and started to win more and more medals. At the same time I was also focusing on grading through my belts and at the age of 11 I managed to reach my blackbelt.

At this age I decided I wanted to take my karate more seriously as the talk began of karate eventually becoming an Olympic sport so I had to make the decision to leaving my existing association and join the English Karate Federation (EKF) who are part of the WKF who hold the olympic mandate. This is where my training became more intense and I started training every night along side school work. At the age of 12 I competed in my first National championships in which I won golden I have successively held the national title for the past 4 years, alongside holding the British title for the same period of time. These were just the beginning of many titles I began to accumulate.


After a successful 2016 I secured my first England cap at the Junior European Championships where I have held my spot ever since progressing through the categories. My results :
Bulgaria-Junior Europeans 2017- 7th place
Tenerife-Junior Worlds 2017-7th place
Russia-Junior Europeans 2018-9th place
Denmark-Junior Europeans 2019-5th place


As of January 2018 the dream became a possibility as karate was announced as a sport in the Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires 2018. When the initial standings were released I was 10th in the standings. After fighting in prestigious competitions throughout the year I managed to move up to 6th and secured myself a spot representing Great Britain at the Olympic Qualification event where the was 4 places available across 2 days of competition (1st and 2nd each day). After a disappointing first day I reconfigured and came back fighting the second, after 5 hard fights I secured myself a spot at the Youth Olympics and became one of karate's first ever Olympians. On the 2nd of October 2018 I flew out to Buenos Aires as part of TEAM GB where on the last dat of competition battles though to secure Team GB's first ever Olympic medal (YOUTH OLYMPIC BRONZE).

Karate is a self funded sport meaning I solely rely on fudging from my parents to pay for my trips. As I enter my senior career I will need to be competing at world ranking events twice a month all over the world which I will only be able to achieve with the help of some sponsorship and some kind funding to hero achieve my dream of reaching Paris 2024.

Born 2001 (age 17)
Coach Dean Lowe
Club Essex Uechi Ryu

Personal bests



World rank

Nr of competitions 22

Competition results


European Championships 5. 4 Denmark 2019
World Youth League 3. 7 Venice 2018
Youth Olympic Games 3. 4 Buenos Aires 2018
Basel Open 1. 5 Switzerland 2018
World Youth League 7. 5 Croatia 2018
Youth Olympic Qualification 2. 5 Croatia 2018
World Youth League 7. 4 Bulgaria 2018
National Championships 1. 4 Leicester 2018
Orleans Open 1. 5 France 2018
European Championships 7. 3 Sochi, Russia 2018
World Championships 9. 4 Tenerife 2017
Basel Open 1. 5 Switzerland 2017
British Championships 1. 5 Sheffield 2017
Irish Open 1. 3 Ireland 2017
Northern Zone Cup 1. 4 France 2017
National Championships 1. 4 Leicester 2017
Orleans Open 3. 5 France 2017
European Championships 7. 3 Bulgaria 2017
British Championships 1. 4 Sheffield 2016
National Championships 1. 5 Sheffield 2016
British Championships 1. 5 Glasgow 2015
National Championships 1. 5 Sheffield 2015
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