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Lauren Banks (18)

Lawn Bowls 0

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I started playing lawn bowls officially when I was 12 and m love for the game has grown ever since. however, I have always been involved since I was a child with my family. I love the sport as it allows me to meet new people gain new experiences and improve skills in the sport I love. I am an easy-going fun person who is always up for a chat, however I can be at times clumsy when it comes to getting everything organised before a game. I am interested in other sports also as well as music, spending time with family and friends and travelling. i consider my key attributes to be a very cheerful and thoughtful person. Before games I don't have a specific pump up song I just love being around people and singing any kind of song. My favourite sporting moment can't be given only one instance there are several examples from my experiences as well as others however one would be (in a game situation against NSW trailing the jack to win the game). My sporting hero is also not specific but I have several role models which. aspire to be like in the future including those who represent the country (Rebecca Van Asch). My main hope within lawn bowls is to be in the women state team within 5 years. My favourite lawn bowls quote is "you've gotta be up when you're down" - every lawn bowler in Aus.

Born 2001 (age 18)
Coach Tom O'Brien
Club New Norfolk Bowls Club

Personal bests


Nr of competitions 10

Competition results


12 Minute Run 0. 1.8km Glenorchy TAS, Australia July 2018
50 metre sprint 8.38sec Glenorchy, TAS, Australia July 2018
Sit and Reach +20 (both legs) Glenorchy, TAS, Australia July 2018
Sit Ups 35 Glenorchy, TAS, Australia July 2018
Push Ups 6 Glenorchy, TAS, Australia July 2018
Basketball Throw (seated) 5.5 metres Glenorchy, TAS, Australia July 2018
Stork Stand 10 sec Glenorchy, TAS, Australia July 2018
Illinois Agility Run 18.21 Glenorchy, TAS, Australia July 2018
Hand Wall Toss 45 Glenorchy, TAS, Australia July 2018
Grip Strength 28 Glenorchy, TAS, Australia July 2018
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