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Katrina Smith (28)

Fencing- Epee 4

08 Feb 2016


Liverpool Acho: Fencer Claims Three Medals in a Month!

April 2015. Three Cities. Three Competitions. Three medals.
That was one hard month!!

05 Feb 2016

Just a few snaps from my more recent travels and competitions!


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I first picked up an Epee when I was 13 years old. Having competed as a swimmer for many years, I wanted to try Modern Pentathlon. I signed up for the South West Championships; I had two quick lessons before the Championships. Unsurprisingly, in the fencing phase, I came dead last; but I was hooked!
After continuing to fence as part of a multi sport for a few years, at 17, I dropped the other sports and started to focus on fencing. Within two years I made the GB Under 20 squad and within three years I was competing on the Senior GB squad.
I train six days a week; It would be seven but rest is important! My training involves many aspects as fencing alone causes muscle development to be uneven. Which in the long run, can cause injury. A typical week involves; yoga, swimming, running, rowing, sparring, individual lessons, footwork practice, weights and a lot of stretching. Mental training is also very important within the sport so meditation is also a large part of my practice.
My goal is compete at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
Work hard. Train hard. Fight easy.

Born 1991 (age 28)
Coach Atanas Atanasov
Club Truro

Personal bests



World rank

Nr of competitions 5

Competition results


Ciudad de Barcelona World Cup (SPN) 192. 2016
Rehbinder Prize World Cup Satellite (SWE) 35. 2016
Grand Prix du Qatar (QAT) 132. 2015
Coupe du Monde World Cup (ITA) 162. 2015
London International (Milner- Barry) (GBR) 3. 2015
Bristol Open (GBR) 7. 2015
Bill Hoskyn's Open (GBR) 2. 2015
Cole Cup World Cup Satellite (GBR) 3. First world ranking points!! 2015
GB National Championships (GBR) 3. 2015
Birmingham International (GBR) 1. 2015
Merseyside Fencing Tournament (GBR) 2. 2015
Slough Open (GBR) 2. 2015
Welsh Open (GBR) 2. 2014
Ystad (SWE) International (Nordic Championships) 3. 2014
London Open (GBR) 3. 2014
Liverpool University Open (GBR) 1. 2014
Birmingham International (GBR) 3. 2014
Merseyside Fencing Tournament (GBR) 1. 2014
The Bay Mixed Open (GBR) 1. First Female champion! 2013
Liverpool University Open (GBR) 1. 2013
Summer Elite Epee (GBR) 3. 2013
Liverpool Open Fencing Tournament (GBR) 1. 2013
Merseyside Fencing Tournament (GBR) 3. 2013
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