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John Murray (27)

Cross Athlete 1

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I started Actively running competitively in 2016, my only prior experience was with strength and conditioning training. I found a passion for running, and as of now i'm logging about 40 miles a week on the road and about 18 hours in the gym cross training.

my side activities include Boxing, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, to which i am currently training for competition later this year. I am Currently logging about an hour a day with both Boxing and Jiu Jitsu, and expect to do well upon entering that stage as well.

I currently train out of Empire MMA (colonie, New York), Ring of Hope (Schenectady, New York), and Schenectady YMCA (a branch of the CDYMCA).

besides my Athletics, i am involved in charity and volunteerism. I believe giving back to the things we are passionate about can only help bring us closer to the community and ourselves. My favorite part of competing is getting to meet all the all those great people striving for similar goals, and to be able to push my self along side them.

Currently My performance goal is to drop my pace down by at least 30 seconds on average, and my competitions goal being that id like to be able to get a boxing match and compete in at least one Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournament.

Anyone who might be interest in Sponsoring me in this undertaking should message me, i have several sponsor ship deal available.

Born 1993 (age 27)

Personal bests

Half marathon

Personal best

Competition results

Half marathon

NYRR AirBnb Brooklyn Half Marathon 1:59:04 Brooklyn, New York 20/05/17


run for life 5k 0:20:36 Schenectady, New york 24/03/18
NYRR Al Gordon 4 Mile 0:27:38 Prospect Park, Brooklyn New York 24/02/18
Troy Turkey Trot 10k 0:00:00 Troy, New York 23/11/17
HMRR Stockade-athon 0:00:00 Schenectady, New York 09/09/17
NYRR Achilles Hope & Possibility 4 mile 0:30:09 Manhattan, New York 25/06/17
NYRR Frontrunners Pride Run 5 mile 0:39:01 Manhattan, New York 24/06/17
NYRR Retro 5-miler 0:40:03 Manhattan, New York 04/06/17
NYRR Run as One 4 mile 0:30:07 Manhattan, New York 23/04/17
UAE Healthy Kidney 10K 0:52:13 Manhattan, New York 09/04/17
NYRR Boomer's Cystic Fibrosis Run to Breathe 4 Mile 0:29:04 Manhattan, New York 01/04/17
NYRR Al Gordon 4 Mile 0:29:16 Prospect Park, Brooklyn New York 25/02/17
NYRR Joe Kleinerman 10k 0:50:55 Manhattan, New York 07/01/17
Troy Turkey Trot 10k 0:00:00 Troy, New York 24/11/16
HMRR Stockade-athon 15k 0:00:00 Schenectady, New York 10/09/16
Capital District Scottish Games 5k 2. 0:19:57 Altamont, New York 04/09/16
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