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James (19)

Cricket 0

19 Oct 2018

three fitness components that which are my strengths are power, muscular endurance, and hand-eye coordination. I rated very well for my rating on sit-ups (44 in 60 sec) which fitness component is muscular endurance, putting your muscles under pressure and stress for a long period of time, because of my development during the training of many sports which include cricket, athletics, football, swimming, and basketball. My second strength that was shown in one of the tests was BBall throw which is power (10.4m). The ability to deliver maximum speed in a short period of time. which can be also derived from my other sporting commitments with athletics with throwing javelin ...

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19 Oct 2018

Illinois test was one of my weaknesses which I only got a rating of average which was a fitness component of agility. The reasons for this was the muscular endurance of other activities in the day as my muscles were over my normal energy usage in the day. Which deterred and more than average score. Sit and reach which is a flexibility fitness component was also average which is a result of not stretching after long years of athletics throwing javelin stretching muscles short periods decreased my flexibility.

28 Aug 2018

Exercise for cricket

28 Aug 2018

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Sport has been in my life from a very young age starting in the shadow of my brother who was a very sporty person. I followed him playing lots of sports growing up for example, athletics, swimming, basketball, football, table tennis, and cricket. Now being 18 years old playing all these sports was not a possibility with high school and then college. I was given a choice of one sport which I could still play and to study at the same time. As my brother played all these sports as well he had to make the same chose which was cricket, so I followed in his steps and quite all my other sports for cricket. I love cricket it is great sport with great teammates to play with. high intensity and very fun sport to play. My key strengths are in my bowling and somewhat batting, I am a right arm leg spin bowler and an opening batsman. I play for Newtown Bucks club which is a very good and welcoming club, playing there since my first game. Going Sacred Heart, the Newtown Bucks playing ground is only up the road, frequently walking to training after school which got me to training early to ball in the nets. Playing mostly third grade and a little bit of second grade it wants my best year. I am hoping in the next five years I will be playing in first grade and have a coaching role maybe as a coach for the under seventeens. My favorite playing in the sport is mixed between Shane Warne (of course) and Gilchrest both very famous players Warn having over 300 test wickets and being called one of the best leg spin bowlers in the game and I think everyone who loves cricket loves Gilchrest. I have two key moments in my cricket career which evaluate my skill in the ball and bat. The first one was an under 17s game against university which I took 5 wickets of 6 overs for 9 runs which is my best average bowling figure. The other game which was a good figure for my batting is against Lindisfarne which is was a good story for our team. it was a two-day game in which on the first day they made over 300 runs which two people getting hundreds thinking they were going to get an outwrite win which means that they would make us bat twice but still not get their score which gets them more points on the ladder. I was opening, and the other team declared and there were about twenty overs to go in the day. I lost my partner after six overs and it looked very bad for us. I survived with my other team mate and next week we would have to chase down these runs. The next day the following night was my oldest sister wedding and I had a great night but did not go to sleep until 4 o’clock that night then having to get up and bat for hours. the game started well I got to fifty which was my first. I was out there for a long time getting tired in the scorching sun I ended up getting out on 97 which was a shame not getting one hundred runs. But I was still very happy. Our team created an upset and ending up winning the game which was a great game for the club and team.

Born 2000 (age 19)
Coach Tawanda Mupariwa
Club Newtown Bucks

Personal bests


Nr of competitions 7

Competition results


5. 0 Sit and reach May 2018
10. 10.4m BBall Throw May 2018
7. 44 Grip Strength May 2018
5. 16.5s Illinois agility run May 2018
8. 44 in a Min Sit Ups May 2018
5. 11.3s Stork stand May 2018
10. 38throws Hand Wall toss 30s May 2018
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