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Jacob (14)

Basketall 0

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I started playing sports at a young age as I was influenced by the older siblings I have that played all varieties of sports, so it was really a pick and choose as a kid of what I wanted to play when I was older. I knew as a child just especially watching my brother play basketball, it was going to be the sport I was going to pursue. Resources for training are very limited but during the season of basketball things really start to takeoff. I find myself on the basketball court to really see the game and understand where the player on the other team is going to be. My best personal result had to have been a 41 point performance, draining 8 threes on one missed attempt, I'm a very team first guy but I truly did have the shooters touch that day. Off the court I'm a very enthusiastic guy that likes to see people around me happy and successful. I enjoy math lots and like playing the sports I play in real life virtually.

Born 2006 (age 14)
Coach Kyle Murray
Club Parkland Pacers
Height 1.85m
Weight 85kg

Personal bests

Basketball (2018/2019)

Wins 2
Ties None
Losses 1

Competition results

Basketball (2018/2019)

3J Junior high boys baketball Zones
Barrhead Jaguars Win 73-62 02/03/19
3J Junior high boys baketball Zones final
Morinville Composite High School Loss 71-52 02/03/19
3J Junior high boys baketball Zones
Onoway Mustangs Win 88-55 01/03/19
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