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Isabella Pederson (13)

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Isabella Pederson is a hockey player in the SMHA hockey league. Pederson started hockey at age 5 and has been playing since then with a wild career earning the title of 'The Goon' many times on various hockey teams for her ruthless and reckless playing style often getting into scrums. Pederson is incredibly strong especially in her lower body causing her to be a very fast and technical skater, she usually has the most natural stride within all the teams she has ever played on. Isabella is currently playing on the U15 B team the Comet Vipers in first year Bantam. Pederson has a very rigorous training schedule and diet, currently doing her much good in her hockey career.

Born 2007 (age 13)
Coach Robin Sawatsky
Club Comets
Height 1.65m
Weight 46kg

Personal bests

Competition results

Ice Hockey

League Game
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Comet Inferno Win 6:0 14/11/20
Edmonton, Canada
Warriors Win 5:4 30/11/18
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