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Healey (21)

Ice Hockey 0

03 June 2017

03 June 2017


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Healing Bernard started Hockey at the age of 12 in Canada. At the age of 13, Switzerland was a real bump in the road as gender discrimination was very present, which pushed to become stronger than the boys, over the years she got the hang of playing rough and tough with the them. She always, and still today fights for gender equality and made it clear with several interviews and newspapers that inspired people on social media of becoming the best they can and she encourages young girls to become the woman they want to be. Now playing in Sweden with the junior men team, she is still on the hunt to break gender barriers and play with big teams and big leagues as a female goaltender,to prove gender doesn't matter. She trains every day for two hours at the gym, as strength training cardio and lots of gymnastics

Born 1998 (age 21)
Club Visby Roma Hockey

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