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Grace Donnel (18)




I started with sports in 2008. I started out playing basketball and have continued to play ever since. I started softball in 2009 with the same coach. I became pitcher and had a good arm. I still pitch. I started volleyball in 2010. This was my first year. I continue to play to this day. When school ball started in 2012, my seventh grade year, I tried out for the volleyball team. I was outnumbered by girls who had been playing volleyball for a long time. I made the starting A team as a middle. I was doing well. My coach kept starting me and I continued to get better and better. I was getting multiple blocks and kills. I didn't pass that year, but I had a powerful serve. We finished that season 6-2. My eighth grade year came around and the JV coach from the high school became our new volleyball coach. Again I made the A Team as a middle hitter/blocker. We won multiple games at home and away. We got second in our conference and I was the number one blocker and I had the most kills. The high school coach came and talked to me and told me that she wanted me to play club volleyball. I am now playing on Club JoMo. This year for high school, we had tryouts one week and she put us where she thought we belonged. I was put on the varsity side. She told me that I was not going to play middle, I was going to play outside, and that I was also going to play all the way around after I served. As summer practices went on, she started me more and more. We had a huge tournament coming up, and she started me the whole time as an outside hitter. I am a starting outside hitter on the high school varsity team.

I practice a lot with coach. We work out and have conditioning to do on our own time. If we don't do that conditioning it shows.

My strengths I think is that I love to encourage people, but as an athlete I think it is my drive to work hard. If you tell me to do something different, I will try my hardest to change what I'm doing wrong. I am very coach able!

Born 2000 (age 18)
Coach Karla Gaines
Club JoMo

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