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Terviseteenuste ja -toodete aardekirst


Teraapialaegas is a small company with big ideas, whose heart is definitely full with sport. Without sports or competitions, we cannot even imagine our lives, and most of our leisure plans can be made precisely with the sports competition calendar in mind. Our background is long-distance running, but Sander, an experienced physiotherapist, has helped other athletes as well and as a conscientious person, he has always tried to help injured athletes. In general, however, it is worth remembering that we have queues for several weeks for physiotherapy and sports massage. So if you know ahead of time that you need muscle care before an important race, be good and book an appointment early!

Another important trend in the therapy arena is nutrition. Currently, nutrition counseling is no longer available, but if you are interested, a food intolerance test could be done. Over the years, we have switched to the resale of high-quality UK-made supplements. As a convenient e-shop has been completed, ordering is possible all over Estonia: with a bank link charge and within a few days the selected products will arrive at the parcel terminal.

Why do you need supplements at all if you keep a close eye on your diet? Because you can always miss something. For the enthusiast, the deficiency of a substance may not be very painful, but for an athlete, every nuance counts. Given the nutritional pyramid of athletes developed in Switzerland, anyone who exercises more than 5 hours a week should pay more attention to their diet and also support their health through dietary supplements.

Our range includes products that generally promote health such as multivitamins as well as more specific supplements that support joint health (glucosamine, collagen) or help relaxation (magnesium). If the world of nutritional supplements seems confusing to you, you can start with a decent multivitamin, for example - micronutrients affect each other's absorption, and that is why a formula that contains a little bit of everything is the best choice. However, if you have a deficiency in a particular substance, then of course work on eliminating it first.

Address Ülemiste tee 3, Tallinn, Estonia
Phone 58861888
Founded 2015


Silja Jürs
Long-distance running

Kooliajal ei käinud spordivõistlustel vaid olümpiaadidel ja avastasin jooksu enda jaoks alles ülikooli ajal. Olin aastaid harrastusjooksja, nuusutades peamiselt Elujooksu...

Susie-Ann Viirg
Arm wrestling, FirmaFi...

Started arm wrestling in 2013. Now I'm the first Estonian champion in arm wrestling. My hobbies are bodybuilding and Olympic Lifting. I worked as personal & group...