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Estonia / Physiotherpahy & massage

Featured products/services

Massaaž 60 min = 35€

Massaaž 120 min = 60€

Massaaž 30 min = 20€

Massaaž 90 min = 50€

Teipimine 15 min = 15€

Massaaž + teipimine Xmin = 10€


Company Teraapiakäsi mainly deals with a massage service for everyone that needs it. For athletes massage is a crucial part of recovery . Because the main instrument of their work is their body what they but immense strain day after day. I as a massage therapist can relive the stress in order to lessen the risk of injuries and in case of them lessen the recovery time needed. Massage also helps to rise performance due to a better rested body.

Services: classical/sports massage, cup massage, thai massage, lymphatic massage, kinesioteiping

Massage 30min 20€
Massage 60min 35€
Massage 90min 50€
Massage 120min 60€
Teiping 15min 15€
Massage + teiping Xmin 10€

Address Estonia pst. 15, Tallinn, Estonia
Website /Teraapiakasi
Phone +372 5691 2051
Founded 2019

NB! To apply for sponsorship you must have athlete profile!