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The next big app in sports industry for competition organizers. This app will help you spread information about results and athletes can easily access it!

Our Vision
Our vision is a nearly paperless environment with fast online information exchange for sports events and organisations, made possible with closely interlinked IT services and mobile solutions.

Sportity is a Sport Event Information Distribution App for all kinds of sport events. The app helps organisers to distribute event related information to all the participants quickly and efficiently.

Participants can be divided into different categories so that they receive information only relevant to them. For example, Media will have its own category for their specific needs (media shuttle schedule, press center opening times etc). The organizing committee will have its own information available through the app and teams all the information relevant for them. In addition to specific information, all users can have results, starting times etc available through the app.

Participants need to download the app and enter a password which will take them directly to the information according to their profile. The password will be made available from the organizer.

Available both for iOS and Android.

Address Mäealuse 2/1, Tallinn, Estonia
Phone +3725543046
Founded 2016
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