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Reakt Füsioteraapia

Hoolime Sinu Tervisest

Estonia / Physiotherpahy & massage


Reakt Physical Therapy was founded with the goal to bring change to the rehab industry. As a brand we constantly strive to bring the best quality treatment to our customers by building a well rounded team. Our therapists work to find ways to reactivate true human potential while eliminating sources of pain, so that our customers can continue to live their day to day lives pain free.

We want to help athletes on their journey to become a master at their craft. As athletes put a lot of strain and stress on their bodies, sustain the occasional injury and need to recover as quickly as possible. Our therapists work hand in hand with some of the best athletes in Estonia from a variety of different sports.

Address Narva mnt 7d, A-korpus, 2. korrus, Tallinn, Estonia
Phone 6017890
Founded 2018

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