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Estonia / Food supplements


Our mission: lead person to everyday healthy lifestyle and habits while preference stays on natural products. Because that way your health is stronger and with stronger health you can do more!

Our values and what we think are important:
- Every person individual choice and responsibility to his/her health;
- Personal approach because every person and his challenges are different;
- Natural ingredients provide the best absorption;
- Health is based on the support of trusted products
Loodusravi Kliinik OÜ is established in 2010. We have offered to estonians the best selection of products and preparations. The use of modern natural products requires knowledge and advice in order to achieve maximum results. The challenges of the modern world must also be taken into account. Ideally we get all the nutrients we need from food, but today we know that only fresh food may not provide everything we need (grandma's tomato is still a class in its own right). Moreover, the levels of various pesticides and other chemical residues associated with intensive farming should be taken seriously in our conventional diet. We probably do not yet know what the consequences of long-term exposure or ingestion of such residues may be. Clearly clean food should be preferred.

However, the dietary challenges of the modern world are not limited to the choice of clean food. The fast pace of life forces us to constantly make concessions. What's more, the information overload makes it difficult to make choices because you have to navigate through hundreds of different statements.

Health products are also found on the shelves of ordinary stores, but random selection may not produce the desired results, as each product must be known for its content, effects and composition with other substances. A distinction must also be made between natural and synthetic active substances, as the human body reacts differently to them. We recommend products based on the medical mindset and select them according to the desired composition and effect. At our eco-pharmacy, we advise our clients and believe that direct contact makes it easier to identify their needs and gain valuable insights into the effects of one or other product on both sides. It is very important to know how to use natural products properly and effectively. The selection includes the products needed to support growth for young people and to keep older people healthy.

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Address Järve keskuse II korrus, Pärnu mnt 238, Tallinn, Estonia
Phone +372 606 0811
Founded 2010


Jürgen Külm
Long distance running

Olen Võrust pärit pikamaajooksja, endine võrkpallur. Pikamaajooksuga hakkasin tegelema 2014. aasta suvel. Ma naudin treeningute ja töö tegemist. Mis ei tapa, teeb tugevaks!...

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