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Fat Burner

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Estonia / Food supplements


The story of Fat Burner started at the beginning of this millenium. There were numerous different sports drinks on the market, all a little different, all promising great things. However, there were no healthier and more natural options available that would not be overly sweet and filled with artifical ingredients. In collaboration with a number of Estonian fitness and sports people, Fat Burner was developed. An innovative green tea flavoured fitness drink based on L-carnitine.

Fat Burner is a slimming and restorative sweetened drink. Fat Burner is suitable for use during any physical activity – whether it is a professional sports activity, regular workout or even walking with a dog. It contains L-carnitine, which contributes to fat burning and energy release. In addition, Fat Burner contains 100% of the daily recommended dosage of C- and a number of B-vitamins.

Fat Burner is suitable for everyone - whether you are a professional athlete, simply enjoy being physically active or prefer to live a sugarfree lifestyle. Fat Burner loves collaborating with people who represent healthy lifestyle and is always willing to bring on new brand ambassadors.

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