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How this profile will help your company?

1. NEW CLIENTS - Introduces company and products/services

By creating advertising profile you will reach tens of thousands people who are interested products or services Your company offers. Most Sportlio visitors are men (45%) and women (55%) ages 25-34 (40%) and ages 18-24 (22%) whose main interest is “sports & fitness” or “team sports”.

2. SAVES TIME - Organizes sponsorship applications

We offer to every joined company possibility to display “Apply for sponsorship” button in their profile. This form enables Your company to receive sponsorship applications from athletes in compact and readable view. Sponsorship form has been developed in cooperation with world class athlete Ott Kiivikas. Every filled application will be sent to desired email and will display first the most necessary information about athlete – what athlete wants and offers in return. This information is enough for reader to make first decisions if the application is worth the time.

3. HIGHER AWERNESS - Creates sports friendly image

Companies can use advertising profile to improve image of the company. Sports friendly companies who support athletes will get more attention from the publicity. Our team will also add every company logo who has joined our site to visible spaces for visitors to see. One of these places is the right side Explore page.


Company introduction

Write about your company and introduce best or most sold products/services. Add information about company values and why you support athletes.

Sponsored athletes

Proudly present athletes you sponsor.

Supported events

Show events your company organizes or supports.

Social profiles

Reference your other social media profiles.

Sponsorship form

Add 'Apply for sponsorship' form to profile and get applications from athletes.



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€29/month or €299/year

Save with year plan €49

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€39/month or €379/year

Save with year plan €89

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€69/month or €699/year

Save with year plan €129

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Bodyfood loves sport and is supporting athletes. Because of that we have found a good partner - Sportlio! Together it is yeasier to advance sport in Estonia. We have also found invaluable contacts through Sportlio to promote our own activities.

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