christin-amani kiivikas – young bikini-fitness star!

Amani posing style in bikini-fitness competition

Amani (18) joined our site on the second half of December but quickly got attention. She ranked 3rd in our December most visited athletes list. If you look at her athlete profileyou can understand why people love her. The details make everything and keep people interested in her. For example she has most awesome gallery of pictures that not only show her in competitions but also in other situations. And that is awesome!

We wanted to introduce Amani more to you so we asked some questions. Questions focus on the training and eating because fitness athletes need to be very precise about how they train and what they eat. Here is short interview with Amani:

1) How would you describe your daily plan? How your regular day looks like?

My daily plan is I wake up and cook porridge. After I have eaten breakfast I go to high school. Usually my school day starts 8.30 and ends 15 o’clock. After school I go the gym and then I go to home and do my homework. I really like when I have definite routines and days. For me is important to get 8 hours of sleep!

2) In fitness eating correctly is everything. How do you track your meals and do you have any suggestions for us?

I track my food 5-6days in week. Usually on Saturdays or Sundays I eat 1-2 meals what I want and I don’t count calories. My favorite app is MyFitnessPal because there is so easy to get overview of what I eat daily. You can also set your personal goals like lose weight or not.

3) If you could eat only 1 food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Definitely porridge!

4) How does your trainings look like? How long they usually last and what is your main focus?

I train 4-6 per week when I have off-season. Then my focus is to build muscles and lift heavier weights. In my competition preparation time I have 5 gym and 1 cardio training in a week plus 1 rest day. Usually my trainings last 90 minutes and all trainings are different. My training plan is divided 1) Shoulders, chest 2) Legs 3) Back and hands 4) Legs.

5) What are your favorite gym exercises?

I don’t have any favorite gyms exercise but I really like my back workouts and also leg days. It’s like a love and hate relationship with this day.

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