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Chase Weeks (18)

Mid-distance 0

11 Feb. 2021

2/2/21 - 3.01 mile run @ 25:08 Vo2 max training; core 30 min.
2/3/21 - No run (recovery); core 30 min.
2/4/21 - 7.21 mile run @ 59:30 Vo2 max training; no core (recovery)
2/5/21 - No run (recovery); core 30 min.
2/6/21 - No run (recovery); core 30 min.
2/7/21 - No run (recovery); core 30 min.
2/8/21 - 3.01 mile run @ 24:47 Vo2 max training; no core (recovery)
2/9/21 - 3.00 mile run @ 24:33 Vo2 max training; core 30 min; note: first recorded run outside both red and orange zones; new Vo2 max recorded at 57 (top 5% for age and gender).
2/10/21 - 3.02 mile run @ 24:42 Vo2 max training; core 30 min.

02 Feb. 2021

1/28/21 - 7.26 mile run @ 1:02:48 Vo2 max training; core 30 min.
1/29/21 - No run (recovery); core 30 min.
1/30/21 - No run (recovery); no core (recovery).
1/31/21 - 3.05 mile run @ 26:07 Vo2 max training; core 30 min.
2/1/21 - 3.27 mile run @ 27:00 Vo2 max training; core 30 min. (note: first time out of the "red zone" for heart rate...been close before but this was a first). This seems to demonstrate a major improvement in cardiovascular health.

28 Jan. 2021

1/27/21 - No run (recovery day); core workout 45 min; no arm, chest, or back and shoulder exercises (recovery day).

27 Jan. 2021

1/26/21 - 3.01 mile run @ 0:25:17 Vo2 max training; core workout 10 min; chest, arm, back and shoulder workout 25 min.

26 Jan. 2021

1/25/21 - 3.01 mile run @ 0:25:27 Vo2 max training; core workout 35 min; chest workout 15 min; arm workout 15 min; back and shoulder workout 15 min.

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In elementary school, I would play tag with my friends on the playground. But the game always reverted into the same game of reverse tag where my classmates would chase, Chase. My name is Chase Weeks and even from a young age, I was (seemingly by necessity) running. In my early youth, I learned to run because I had to. Athleticism was required ever since my parents signed me up for a soccer team. And I am thankful to them for promoting physical activity in me at such a young age. It was not until I was in middle school that I began to take my fitness more personally.
My sixth grade teacher assigned the class a project in which she expected each individual to set himself or herself a challenge for the semester. I decided to set the goal of running a sub-six minute mile. I accomplished this goal with a time of 5:56.9. At the end of the year on my way out the door, my teacher handed me a poster upon which was written “Goals are Dreams with Deadlines”. And that poster has been a physical reminder of my success in setting a goal rooted in my dream of becoming a better runner. I have been improving ever since. I have set goals for myself, won races, lost races, learned from mistakes, and through it all never lost sight of my vision to become the best runner that I possibly can. I view running as a beautiful addition to my life. I hearken to what Eric Liddell once said in saying that, “When I run, I feel His pleasure.” I believe that my God has gifted me with a talent and a love for running, and I seek to glorify Him through the gifts He has given me.
My best times are currently 2:10.11, 4:55.49, 10:47.00, and 7:51.77 in the 800m, 1600m, 3200m, and 2000m steeplechase respectively. I set the first three times in 2019 and the steeple time in 2018. I have no records from 2020 on account of the COVID-19 pandemic.
I am currently training using techniques which include those using heart rate zones, boosting VO2 max workouts, and interval training. In all I follow those methods that are suggested to me by my coach and training consultant, Ambar Kaspar (who is the distance coach at my high school, Faith Christian Academy). I am doing a combination of running, core, and cross fit training. Approximately a month prior to the start of the track season, I will begin integrating more strength/interval workouts into my schedule at the direction of my coach.

This was written in December 2020 and edited in February 2021.

Born 2002 (age 18)
Club Faith Christian Academy Knights (high school - graduating class of 2021)
Height 5.90m
Weight 155kg

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