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Brandon Clarke (27)

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I started playing sports at young age. First was football/soccer, from the age of 8 to 13 then rugby till I was 14 and after that I was doing martial arts. As I grew to the point of 6ft 1/185cm at the age of 15 it was time to switch sport to basketball.
At the start I was playing shooting guard grew a lil more and tried the position of small forward then as the team adjusted I moved to point guard for the rest of my high school year. I now run the centre position normally starting in starting 5 wherever I go because I train hard and work for what I'm given.

Now I'm 6ft10/209cm playing for Atlético Clube de Portugal but planning to leave because everything they promised to the foreigners of the team has not come to light, and is really putting a strong hold on my motivation for the team.
Throughout the season the team was doing good making good progression on all our games, then we came to one of our 3 toughest teams for some reason. We needed height pretty much for all of our tough games and the coach decides to only play me for 10-12 throughout those 3 games not playing in the 1st of our tough games.

At the moment I train 4 days a week, 3 days with the team of Atlético and once by myself.

My strengths are my defensive abilities (rim protector and rebounder) my positive attitude and mindset towards the game I love
My best result with my current team is:

My best career result with past teams.
Sevenoaks Suns:
Averaging 11 points 10 rebounds and 4 blocks a game.
Which led to a trophy of rebounder of the month and year.

Corelli men's:

I dont think i've been given the biggest opportunity to make my mark yet so I'm looking forward to what falls up on me.

Born 1992 (age 27)
Coach Luis Rocha
Club Atlético Clube de Portugal

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