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Bilal Masud (26)

Cricket 0

08 Jan. 2021

Estonian Cricket League T20 Semifinal 2020.

08 Jan. 2021

Compilations of Sixes in Semifinal and Final of European Cricket Series Estonia 2020.

08 Jan. 2021

Compilation of Sixes in a single Match in Finish T20 League 2020.

08 Jan. 2021

Watch and enjoy.

08 Jan. 2021

A massive Six, Out of the Ground

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I started playing cricket when I was 14 years old. Initially I started playing cricket at club level then I went to college and represented my college in cricket tournaments. After the college I join university for my higher education and this time I was also the captain of my university team. Then I moved to Estonia for masters study and that's where I started playing cricket and make connections to other countries e.g. Finland. Last year 2020 I played for Both Estonia and Finland. My team won both T20 tournaments. After wining the tournament in Finland, we are officially going to represent Finland in upcoming European Champions league 2021 in Spain.
In Estonia I play for "Tallinn Stallions Cricket Club" and in Finland I represent "Helsinki Gymkhana Cricket Club"
Regarding my athletic abilities as a cricketer, I am batting allrounder. I am arguably the fastest bowler in Estonian and Finland. My batting skills are quite impressive. Cricket is a team sport, so everybody have different roles to play and different situations to handle. I play according to the situation of the game and I am quite good at it.

In Estonia and Finland we use for the database. My stats pics include in my profile under picture section. That's all from my side. Thanks 😊

Born 1994 (age 26)
Coach Self
Club GYM Helsinki Gymkhana Cricket Club
Height 1.73m
Weight 76kg

Personal bests

Competition results


Finish T20 League 2020
Kerave, Finland
Empire Cricket Club Win 30/08/21
Estonian Cricket League T20
Tallinn, Estonia
Tallinn United Cricket Club Win 30/08/20
European Cricket Series Estonia 2020
Tallinn, Estonia
Tallinn Hippos Cricket Club Loss 26/07/20
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