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Ben (18)

Australian rules, football 0

28 Aug. 2018

- Game we won:
We won a fundraising game against North Launceston (Brezendale match) which resulted in a high win for us, 145 points. The game was enjoyable, we had a tough year that year but came out on top in this comp. On the day I kicked 4 goals in one quarter.

28 Aug. 2018

28 Aug. 2018

- I completed an above average rating in a twelve minute run, sit ups, push ups, basketball throw, grip strength, push ups, 50m sprint and agility test. In the sport of football, aerobic fitness, strength and power are the main fitness components being trained. After training for football at a high level my fitness levels for these components have elevated, resulting in a greater than average score for most. This results in a greater performance during football.
- I improved nearly all my fitness components from last performance, except for, stork stand and sit and reach. This may be a result in extra training levels prior to the activities or performance on the day.

28 Aug. 2018

Above average fitness -
12 minute run, resulted in an above average norm.
1 minute sit ups, resulted in an excellent rating.
Stork stand, resulted in a fair rating
Basketball throw, resulted in an excellent rating
Grip/Strength test, resulted in an excellent rating
Push ups, resulted in an excellent rating
Sit and reach, resulted in an average rating
50m sprint, resulted in an excellent rating
Agility test, resulted in an above average rating


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I Love the game of Australian rules due to its competitive nature, the team mates you participate with, the health benefits and the success that is involved around it, personal and team wise.
Strengths in football include: Running, reading the play and one on one contests.
I am clumsy with hard ball gets, I choose to sit away from the ball and receive cheap ball.
I hope to be playing at the highest level possible, whether its state, AFL or Club seniors.
I am interested in all type of sports, I also love playing cricket in the summer time.
My favorite music to get me pumped up is Eminem workout music.
Favourite quote: "Don't think, DO!!"
Most famous sporting moment: Making the southern Tasmanian football side and getting 3rd best on ground.
Sporting hero: Luke Hodge

Born 2001 (age 18)
Coach Coota
Club Glenorchy

Personal bests


Nr of competitions 11

Competition results


12 Minute run 2600m 31/07/18
Sit Ups (1 min) 45 31/07/18
Stork stand 12.8 seconds 18/07/18
Basketball throw 10 metres 18/07/18
Grip/Strength test 53 18/07/18
Push ups 54 18/07/18
Sit and reach + 5 18/07/18
Sit and reach + 5 18/07/18
50m Sprint 6.9 seconds 18/07/18
Illinois agility test 16 seconds 18/07/18
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