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Antonio Li (23)

Badminton 5

09 April 2019

I haven't posted in almost a year but i'm going to start up again as the Olympic qualifying year is about to start. A quick overview of what has happened the past 11 months honestly haven't been totally amazing but grateful to have the opportunities given to me. I was able to travel to countries such as Dominican Republic, Mexico, Poland, Finland to compete but not getting the results I wanted. I was able to capture a few medals at some of the Elites Series in Canada, and winning the gold medal at the 2019 Canada Winter Games. To add to all that, I recently moved to Toronto, Ontario to continue my training at K.C Badminton Club.
With Olympic qualifying starting soon, i'll be going to post as much as I can and keep track of my process through here. As I said before the last 11 months were a little bit of a setback but new things await for the future.

25 May 2018

Finally home from the 2018 Thomas Cup, it was almost too surreal to be able to compete amongst the top players in the world. Although we were in a tough pool against Indonesia, Korea and Thailand; we gave everything we had. Initially, I was a bit nervous on the first day but as the tournament progressed our team and myself felt more comfotable stepping onto the big stage. What an amazing opportunity and great experience.
Time to rest up and get ready for US and Canada Open in 2 weeks!

17 May 2018

17 May 2018


3 more days till we start the 2018 Thomad Cup here in Thailand. I'm extremely excited to be representing Canada and to be able to compete with literally the best in the world.
Wish us luck! #yonex #currexsole #clearone

03 May 2018

Some light skill work to finish a tough multi session.

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Who am I?
My name is Antonio Li, I am 21 years old. I grew up in Victoria, BC, Canada. I started playing badminton at 13 years old in a small 3-court community hall called Cordova Bay. I've spent three summers training in China and one summer training in Indonesia. After high school, I then moved to Richmond, BC to pursue my badminton career and continue my training at Clearone Badminton Centre for 3 years. Since the start of 2019 I now have relocated to Toronto, Ontario to further my career at K.C Badminton Club. During the times I'm not training, I am coaching part-time not only to help younger athletes to succeed, but to try and relieve the financial burden that follows with a self-funded sport career such as badminton.

Why badminton?
Growing up I was a handful and troublesome kid for my parents. I was first introduced to badminton by my Dad, who loved to play growing up, this was a way I could connect with him and a clever way for him to keep me out of trouble. I remember the first couple of months after picking up the racquet, I started to enjoy playing more, and begin going to the club near my house everyday after school. Not only has badminton taught me to have self discipline, and independence; It has helped me discover my passion and ambition to strive for success.

Short-term Goals:
-Achieve #1 national ranking -Capture my first international title
-Place in top 100 world rankings

Long-term goals:
-Qualify for 2019 Sudirman Cup -Qualify for 2020 Thomas Cup -Qualify for Tokyo 2020

Training Regiment:
I train 6 days a week, with a 1 day rest as rest is extremely important for recovery. Since badminton alone causes uneven muscle development, my training includes many aspects. A typical week includes weight training, cardio, private lessons, team training, footwork/ agility exercises and lots of stretching.

International Tournament schedule:
2019 Li-Ning Denmark Challenge
2019 Slovenia International Series
2019 Canada Open
2019 White Nights
2019 Russian Open

None of this could have happened without the support I receive and i'd like to thank everyone involved in the process towards Tokyo 2020.

"Teamwork makes the dream work. Where common people create uncommon results."

Born 1997 (age 23)
Coach Kevin Cao
Club K.C Badminton Club

Personal bests


Nr of competitions 14

Badminton - doubles

Nr of competitions 4

Competition results


2019 Alberta Elite Series 2. Red Deer, Alberta 25/11/18
2019 BC Elite Seies 3. Vancouver, Canada 10/09/18
2018 Thomas & Uber Cup Bangkok, Thailand 19/05/18
National Ranking 5. 01/03/18
2018 National Championships 4. Toronto, Canada 03/02/18
2018 Provincial Championships 2. Vancouver, Canada 13/01/18
2017 Ignite Badminton League 1. Richmond, Canada 07/06/17
2017 U23 National Championships 3. Moncton, Canada 13/05/17
2017 Provincial Championships 3. Vancouver, Canada 06/05/17
2016 Provincial Championship 2. Vancouver, Canada 09/04/17
2015 Canada Junior International 3. Calgary, Canada 11/10/15
2015 Western Canada Sumer Games 1. Fort McMurray, Canada 16/08/15
2014 US Junior International 2. Los Angeles, USA 28/12/14

Badminton - doubles

2018 Provincial Championships 1. Vancouver, Canada 13/01/18
2017 U23 National Championships 3. Moncton, Canada 13/05/17
2017 Provincial Championships 1. Vancouver, Canada 06/05/17
2016 Provincial Championship 1. Vancouver, Canada 09/04/17


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