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Anna Maria Orel (23)

Hammer Throw 15

26 Feb 2016

03 Aug 2015


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Anna Maria is a 20-year-old hammer thrower from Jõhvi, Estonia. She studied 2004-2016 in Kadrioru Saksa Gümnaasium. She has been doing track and field since 2007. Anna Maria started with heptathlon and then found her way to hammer throw in year 2011. Since then
she has improved her record with 3kg hammer 25,5 meters and with 4kg hammer 27 meters.

She's been in World Youth Championships and World Junior Championships. In the first major competition she was 41th and for the second time she could lift her position by 22 places and she was 19th.

Anna Maria owns the Estonian youth record with 3kg hammer, which is 61.40 meters. With that she's the first one in Estonia who has reached 60 meters with 3kg hammer in that age.

Anna Maria has won Youth Baltic Championships (2013) and is a two-time
Estonian Youth Champion. (2013,2014) Anna Maria's dream is to go to the Olympic Games and win a medal from there.

Born 1996 (age 23)
Coach Toivo Ruut, Jarmo Pöyry
Club Tallinna SS Kalev

Personal bests

Hammer throw

Personal best

Competition results

Hammer throw

European Throwing Cup 4. 65.66 m Gran Canaria March 2017
Audentese Jõuluvasar 1. 68.71 m Tallinn, TTÜ Staadion Dec. 2016
Savogames 1. 67.52 m Lapinlahti June 2016
Baltic championships 1. 65.5 m Valmiera June 2016
Audentese lahtised 1. 66.44 m Tallinn May 2016
Täiskasvanute Heitjate Seeria I etapp 1. 66.06 m TTÜ staadion May 2016
Audentese SK lahtised vasaraheitevõistlused 1. 64.83 m Tallinn, TTÜ Feb. 2016
Audentese SK Jõuluvasar 1. 62.32 m Tallinn, TTÜ Dec. 2015
Baltic championships 2. 60.18 m Valmiera July 2015
Viljandimaa lahtised MV 1. 59.12 m Viljandi July 2015
European junior championships 13. 60.13 m Eskilstuna, Sweden July 2015
Niidupargi KJK lahtised vasaraheitevõistlused 1. 60.84 m Tallinna Saksa Gümnaasiumi staadion July 2015
Eesti noorsoo, juunioride, A- ja B-klassi MV 1. 61.49 m Rakvere July 2015
Moukarikarnevaalit 4. 57.91 m Kaustinen June 2015
Audentese SK lahtised vasaraheitevõistlused 1. 61.33 m TTÜ staadion June 2015
Eesti karikavõistlused 1. 59.5 m Tartu Tamme staadion June 2015
Heitjate seeriavõistluse III etapp 2. 60.24 m TTÜ staadion June 2015
Heitjate seeriavõistluse III etapp 61.8 m TTÜ staadion June 2015
Heitjate seeriavõistluse II etapp 6. 56.03 m Kadrioru staadion June 2015
Noorte heitjate seeriavõistlus III etapp 2 1. 60.75 m TTÜ staadion May 2015
Heitealade Balti maavõistlus 2. 58.84 m Karksi-Nuia May 2015
Heitjate seeriavõistluse I etapp 2. 60.75 m TTÜ staadion May 2015
Noorte heitjate seeriavõistlus 1. 58.66 m Tallinn Sept. 2014
World Junior Championships 19. 55.87 m USA, Oregon, Eugene July 2014
Eesti juunioride meistrivõistlused 1. 57.55 m Eesti,Rakvere June 2014
Heitjate seeriavõistlus 4. 49.4 m Tallinn July 2013



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