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Angus Jacobson (19)

Weight Lifting 0

01 Aug. 2018

Ay yo, you know what really gets to me? People who do competitions. I don't need to show off, my competition is in the gym, with other people, And I like when I have a challenger in the gym, obviously I am not the biggest or the strongest, but I will give it a go. Won a benching challenge against Kade today, when i guaranteed that I could bench 100 for 6 in one set.

01 Aug. 2018

In most cases, including cardiovascular fitness, I have improved. It might be because I started boxing to improve agility and breathing routines.

01 Aug. 2018

Clearly, my strength is immeasurable and cannot be crushed, which makes me so good in my sport, as it has been shown in my testing. However, I am not as powerful as I want yet, so I must keep pushing on to improve.

01 Aug. 2018

Most of my cardiovascular tests were below, such as the beep test. But other than that, most of tests were pretty close to average or over.

01 Aug. 2018

I wasn't at any averages for my test, most were over or below. But my 50 meter sprint and beep test were close to average in some manner.

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I started being big when I was 15 years old, except I was small at that time. I gym everyday for about two hours and train as hard as I can. Live large, Die large, leave a giant coffin. I don't have weakdays on my calendar , I have Strong days. I bench 120 kg.
I love my sport mainly because it helps me be a massive legend. Nothing better than seeing yourself in the mirror with a massive pumps, also helps me bond with my boys, and nothing is more important than a bond solidified by iron. I consider myself to be a dedicated person with a hint of narcissism. If you go to the gym and you don't love yourself, you're not training hard enough.
Massive chest, I consider a strength of mine the fact that I am dedicated to training all of my muscles equally. Ain't no skipping leg day for me. A weakness of mine is that I am not stronger. By the end of the year I hope to reach 140 bench and 160-170 squat. I don't deadlift because that is an ego lift and can put your other compound lifts in danger due to injuries.
I hope to be a local legend who is known as the swoly brofessor as I hope to become a professor in history.
I love the gym and history, especially German history in the 20th century. I also take interest in Guitar.
I require only the toughest of music while in the gym, so I rely on my metal playlist to bring me gains.
"flexibility. You mean the ability to flex"
My most famous sporting moment was when I benched 100kg at the age of 15, Became the strongest 15 year old in Tasmania.
Dom Mazzetti is my sporting hero.

Born 2001 (age 19)
Coach Angus Jacobson
Club Zap Fitness

Personal bests


Nr of competitions 16

Competition results


Vertical jump 62 cm 01/08/18
Hand wall 33 01/08/18
Beep test 9.1 01/08/18
Grip Strength 58.8 01/08/18
Basketball throw 10.2 01/08/18
BMI 24 01/08/18
stork stand 11 01/08/18
Agility test 15.7 01/08/18
Push ups 63 01/08/18
Sit ups 78 01/08/18
Sit and reach 10 01/08/18
50 metre spint 17.25 01/08/18
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