andres viksi – 7 questions

Andres is Estonian weightlifter who is soon going to compete in World Championships. Competition is held in USA, Houston 20-29th November. We asked Andres 7 questions about his trainings. Visit Andres in Sportlio –

1.How your season has been?

My season has been great. It started in May, when I began with base strength training and competed in Estonian Summer Games and in Baltic Cup without special preparation. My results were 160 kg in snatch and 188 kg in clean and jerk which are close to my personal bests (163 kg snatch; 190 kg clean and jerk). My trainings consisted of many strength exercises like back squat, military press, deadlift etc. and little of olympic weightlifting exercises which were in particular power snatch, power clean and power jerk. I also did lots of running, used rowing machine and went cycling- each of these I did once a week. Aerobic workout lasted about 1 hour and I held my pulse between 120 and 140. As my basic preparation ended in August I already feel that I can endure my special trainings much better.

At the beginning of September I started with special preparation for the World Championships. In training I easily clean and jerked 180 kg, snatched 150 kg and jerked from racks 200 kg. I was planning on competing in Tartu Championships and my goal was to move my personal bests forward. Unfortunately I got ill just before competitions and didn’t realize my potential in clean and jerk.

Even though Championships of Tartu didn’t go as planned I am positive minded cause I managed to break my snatch record while being ill. I look forward for next competitions especially the World Championships.

2.You are going to WC at the end of next month. What are your goals in Houston WC?

My goals in the World Championships are new personal bests and to bring my personal bests near Estonian records or even break them. Right now Estonian records are 175 kg in snatch and 210 kg in clean and jerk.

3.How your everyday looks like?

My usual day starts at 7:00. Then I make my breakfast and after eating, if I’m still tired, I take a short nap. At 8:00 I warm up and stretch a bit, usually where it is most needed. 10:45 I start my morning exercising. 13:00 I eat lunch. After lunch I take an hour long nap. My evening workout starts usually at 17:00. 20:00 I eat dinner and 23:00 I go to sleep.

4.And how does your most regular training looks like?

My typical training starts with warm up and stretching which lasts about 10-15 minutes. Warm up includes joint exercises, few series of core exercises, specific weightlifting exercises and stretching.

I usually have 3-5 weightlifting exercises in one workout. I start with explosive warm up exercise like power snatch or power clean, then I move to main snatch or clean and jerk after that I usually have rack exercise like jerk, power jerk or press. For 4th exercise I have usually squats and finally I do some pulls. If I have two workouts in one day I split this list of 5 to 3+2. It means that I do explosive lifting in morning and leave power exercises for evening workout.


5.In Sportlio you say, that you have tried other sports too but they weren’t challenging enough. What do you mean by that?

I mean that when I started lifting I felt that this is what I want to do at the very first moment. It attracted me because of its complications. You have to build strength to get stronger, but you also have to learn proper technique to lift economically. This fighting with weights to beat them started to interest me. It felt challenged when I started this sport and it still does.


6.Should other athletes from different sport learn right weightlifting technique also or it is not relevant because they don´t compete in weightlifting? If yes, why?

The answer is yes. I think that when you want to get out most of weightlifting exercises you should learn how to lift weights properly. Proper technique lets an athlete develop his/her ability to the maximum. Lifting without proper technique is possible and athlete develop strength but in some point strength itself without proper movement isn’t enough to advance to the new level. The worst scenario is getting an injury.

7.Can you be a professional weightlifter and not use food supplements?

I don’t believe you can. Professional weightlifter’s workouts are hard and intense and in order to get all the energy for recovery they need to take some supplements to support their nutrition. Of course nutrition must be also proper.

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