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Alice Jones (21)

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09 Aug. 2018

"A winner is a dreamer who never gives up" - Nelson Mandela

09 Aug. 2018

The other day I help out in a local kids competition and a local boy who is an old friend of mine wanted to compete against me. Of course I flogged him

08 Aug. 2018

The only results that have improved since my last fitness testing is my stork stand time. Last time I only reach a minute where this time I reached two! This will help my surfing because balance is key when standing up.

08 Aug. 2018

I am so glad the fitness testing is over! I did really well in my push-up results, my sit-up results, my stork stand time and my basketball throw. Clearly my strength and balance is improving. This is going to assist my surfing as I need strong arms and shoulders to be able to push off the board and a strong core to be able to stay upright on the board. I also need good balance as it isn't a easy job to stay standing!

08 Aug. 2018

None of my fitness testing was below average! All my hard work is starting to pay off

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I was born on Maui in 1999 and before I could walk my parents had me on a surfboard. Since then I have spent at least two hours in the water everyday. I now train with my friends and other local surfers. I also run each day and do core strengthening exercises to improve my surfing ability. I love to surf. It has been apart of who I am since I was born, even before I was born as my Mum surfed when she was pregnant. My strengths are stability, balance and power. All of these were rated as excellent in my fitness testing. My flexibility is average and so is my agility.
I am an outgoing person who is down to earth. I love the ocean and have a love for nature. Aside from surfing I love to paint, draw, read, travel and hang with the locals. I also have a major love for food. When I'm not surfing I'm either hiking or exploring the world. Before a surf I listen to a bit of Jack Johnson and a bit of Vance Joy. Ever since I was a little girl I have looked up to Bethany Hamilton. Her courage and determination has always driven me to do my best. My favourite moment surfing was when I won first place in the under 11 state surf competition. In five years I hope be competing in the Women's World Championships and in the top ten women in the world. Most of all I hope to still be surfing and exploring the world.

Born 1999 (age 21)
Coach My Dad
Club Maui Surf Club

Personal bests


Nr of competitions 16

Competition results


Agility run 18.7 07/08/18
Basketball Throw 6metres 07/08/18
Pushups 40 in a minute 07/08/18
Sit and Reach 20 on both legs 07/08/18
Sit ups 49 in one minute 07/08/18
50m sprint 7.3seconds 07/08/18
Verticle Jump 42 07/08/18
Beep Test 6.5 07/08/18
Stork Stand 1 minute and 30 seconds 07/08/18
Hand Wall Toss 21 07/08/18
Grip Stength L: 31 R: 33.9 07/08/18
Grip Stength L: 31 R: 33.9 07/08/18
Height 163cm 07/08/18
Weight 57kg 07/08/18
Shoulder Stretch R: 9 L: 5 07/08/18
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