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Aidan (21)

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My name is Aidan D'Souza and I am an 18 year athletic male!
I have started running at the age of 10 and loved it every since.
My passion is running and Athletics including wellness living.
I was Athlete of the Week for City Tv this past August and really enjoyed worked being in front of the camera.
In high school, I was the Captain of the Cross Country and Track and Field teams and thrived in this role.
Now I run for Seneca Stings, the largest College in the Country and am loving being on their varsity team.
I am also one of the Ambassadors for Seneca College for any functions and events that are going on.
When I am not running or studying (Police Foundations student) I am working as a Coach for the college.
I created an Instagram blog called @ontariorunners where I post motivational quotes every day for athletes to see and get inspired.

City News Video Clip

Born 1999 (age 21)
Coach Kerry Smith/ Wesley Corea
Club Seneca Sting/Speed Factroy

Personal bests


Personal best

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5K Beamsville Bench Run 2. 20:03 Niagara Falls 15/07/17
5K Beamsville Bench Run 2. 20:03 Niagara Falls 15/07/17
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