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About us

Our story

Sportlio was created in 2014 by an former athlete Mikk Meerents with the help of tech company Thorgate. The idea came in 2012 from a simple question. When Mikk had done really good season and won his first medal (it was bronze) from national championships. He then thought it is good time to contact companies and ask for sponsorship. One of the company owner who he had contacted asked him where she can see Mikk's results and compare them with other athletes? Question was asked because the owner of the company wanted to support athletes, but she had no idea if the athlete was any good. She had nothing to compare Mikk results with. At first Mikk wanted to create his own webpage but then he realised that it would't solve the problem company owner had and there might be also other athletes who would be interested having athlete career oriented web page. And boom, idea of athlete database where athlete can add results for comparison and advertise sponsors was born.

Today we have more than 50% of registered athletes outside Estonia! Thank you!


Our mission is to offer athletes a tool that can be used for better promotion and therefore help athletes find support for their athlete career!


Our vision is to become the biggest online athlete database that will transform how athletes promote themselves!

Mikk Meerents

Mikk Meerents, CEO

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