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Sportlio is a great way to show yourself, and many athletes have said that their journey to the top would have been more fun if they had had such web platform like Sportlio.

Champions recommend.

Gerd Kanter

Absolutely necessary of young athletes!

Olympic champion in 2008, bronze in 2012

Discus thrower

PB 73.38m

Ott Kiivikas

Useful tool for athletes who want to show themselves and their sponsors!

European champion 2016, 4th in WC

Mr.Olympia Amateur winner 2016


Professional athletes recommend.

Sportlio has changed my life. Thanks to Sportlio I have gotten many new friends and even some sponsors. It´s a great place were everybody can "see what you are doing". Also you can look at your competition results and analize them on a graph.

Jürgen Külm

Professional long distance runner

Estonian champion in half marathon


Sportlio is a great website where an athlete can show his/her results, describe themselves and find sponsors. I use Sportlio to show people my results and how did my competition went. Also I describe wheter am I satisfied or dissatisfied with my result.

Kevin Vabaorg

Professional triathlete

7th in ETU Triathlon Junior European Cup

Triathlon (sprint) 40min 23sek

Sportlio helps to keep track of my records and competiton results. Now I write everything down and I think in the future it will be entertaining to read what I did and felt when I was younger athlete. The best website for athletes on the market!

Eleri Etverk

Professional triathlete

5th in ETU Junior Cup Riga

Triathlon (sprint) 1h 6min 4sek

At first I was afraid of blogging but in reality it's like a virtual training diary. It is also easier for supporters to keep an eye on what is happening and what's ahead. Definitely recommend it to all athletes.

Kätlin Tõllasson

Professional discus thrower

Estonian champion, U20 national record holder

PB 55.68m

The best profile design on the market for an athlete to show himself!

Jaak-Heinrich Jagor

Professional 400mH runner

Estonian champion, Olympic athlete

PB 49.37s

The whole system is built simply and logically, where all the fans can easily see your results and development. I love this blog platform and definitely recommend every young athlete to decide for it because today it is crucial to be in the picture!

Katrin Zaitseva

Professional triathlete

National champion in triathlon

National champion in swimming

The biggest plus in my opinion is the chance to describe your athlete life in a further details than you could with the other sites! Sportlio is also loved by my family and friends who like to keep up with my life.

Kertu Laak

Professional volleyball player

Estonian champion


A great way to track your results and find sponsors, something every athlete needs!

Annemarii Bendi

Professional nordic combined athlete

Estonian national ski jump record holder

PB 88m

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