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28 Jul 2017

I have taken advantage of Orbital Climbings personal training and am expecting my new training plan very soon. I am excited to get back on track with a more structured training plan that will help me ramp up for the upcoming USAC National Cup Series that will start in October.

16 Jun 2017

My first article this one is on climbing etiquette! Hope you enjoy. Hit me up on Facebook if you want to discuss!


Spoiler Alert
03 May 2017

I am happy to announce that I am now an athlete for Orbital Climbing! Please check out there website and use promo code: "nick2114" to receive 25% off your order.

15 Apr 2017

There have been a lot of changes over the last few weeks so I am going to try and sum them up briefly. First was a Bishop trip with a large group of friends. I finally managed to get the opening moves to acid wash sit. I was able to put together Acid Wash Right from the sit start. Still no send on Stained Glass sadly.

Last week I had the opportunity to get a body comp assessment. They used the ultrasound method and found that I have around an 18% body fat. I had never gotten to do one of these assessments but it was supper cool. Along with all the new changes I am working on a new training routine.

Outside of athletics I finished school and started a new job. I am really excited to see what the next few months have in store for me!

20 Feb 2017

Nice photo of me at the University of Oregon's bouldering competition.

17 Jan 2017

Just got this photo from the Bend Boulder Bash. Cant wait for the last comp of this series in just less then two weeks!

06 Jan 2017

Just registered for open nationals in Salt Lake City! I got back from my trip yesterday and have already resumed training. One month left to prepare; I'm so excited.

05 Jan 2017

Due to weather our trip home from Bishop/Red Rock was very slow. Interstate 5 was closed blocking part of our drive for nearly 8 hours due to severe winter weather. The trip overall was amazing I managed to finish a lot of problems that I am proud of.

Red Rock:
Grand/Staff V6/7
Monkey Bar Direct V8
Mr Moran V7
Timmy's Problem V9
Big K V8 (dyno start to Vino Rojo)

Red Rum V7
Last Dance V9
Beefcake V10

Acid Wash Sit V10
Beefy Geko V11
Stained Glass V10 (I just missed the Dyno this trip)

03 Jan 2017

Started out this year in a way that I am very happy with. I managed to get a clean send of Beefcake(V10) a project of mine here in Bishop. This send came near the end of a 9 day trip. I have felt strong this trip but this was certainly a high point.

21 Dec 2016

Some photos of me in finals at the Imagine Bash Competition in Bend Oregon. Some of these photos seem to be coming out sideways. Cant seem to fix the rotation.

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Wingspan 182.88 (6 ft)
Height 151.13, (5'9.5")
Weight 69 kg, (152.12 lbs)

Hey I'm Nick Edwards. I am a lifelong resident of Oregon and recently moved to the Portland area. Climbing isn’t my hobby; it's part of who I am. When I started climbing in 2003, it took over my life like an addiction. Since then I have competed in many competitions and traveled to many wonderful outdoor climbing destinations. I became the first official president of the Oregon State Indoor Climbing Club in 2015. As president I worked with the club to make our climbing community more welcoming. I am currently training and looking forward to the next season of competitions and outdoor trips. 

Some of my favorite sends:
* Evilution to the lip, V10 (Buttermilk Boulders)
* Beefcake, V10 (Sad Boulders)
* Lowrider, V10 (Happy Boulders)
* Worm World Cave, V9 (Squamish)
* Big K, V8 (Kraft boulders)

Goals for 2017:
* Continue to push my limits in bouldering.
* Send The Swarm (V13) in Bishop, CA.
* Return to sport climbing.
* Write blog posts and product reviews.
* Get involved in local climbing organizations.
* Help make the climbing community a welcoming place for everyone.

* First president of Oregon State University's Indoor Rock Climbing Club.
* 2017 overall 2nd place for men's open in the Northwest Colleg