Kristjan Koll (22)

Cross-Country skiing

22 Oct 2017

18 DAYS TO GO! Only 18 days until this season officially begins! I´m excited, I´m nervous but most of all - I am ready!
The Olympic Games, World Cup series and many other competitions where I can give my all and hopefully succeed!
We will keep you posted about everything important, so stay tuned and make sure to follow my journey!

Are you ready!?!

26 Mar 2017

Estonian Championships, freestyle sprint. THIRD PLACE!!! My first ever podium in adults.

10 Jan 2017

Estonian Championships 23.12.2016 Skiathlon. I won U23 title so it was quite nice!

10 Jan 2017

10 Jan 2017

15 Sep 2016

This is who I am! No excuses, only hard work and dedication - this is the way to success!



Suusatanud olen praktiliselt sünnist saati. Treeningutega alustasin 12-aastaselt Nõmme Spordiklubis treenerite Anti Kuulmata ja Aita Pääsukese käe all. Viimased 6 aastat on olnud suusatamine minu elus esikohal ja töötan iga päev selle nimel, et jõuda maailma paremiku hulka. Senise karjääri jooksul olen saavutanud 14 Eesti omaealiste (noored, juuniorid ja U23) meistritiitlit, esindanud Eestit korduvalt rahvusvahelisel areenil (noorte ENOP, juunioride MM-id, maailmakarika sari (MK)) ja debüteerinud täiskasvanute MM-il Lahtis 2017.
Elan põhimõtte järgi, et mitte midagi ei pea tulema sulle elus niisama kätte ja usk annab aluse suurteks tegudeks!


Cross-country skiing has been part of my life almost since I was born. I started trainings in Nomme Sportsclub when I was 12-years-old under supervision of coaches Anti Kuulmata and Aita Pääsuke. For the past six years XC-skiing has been the most important thing in my life. I work day in and day out towards my goal to become one of the best.
So far, my career has awarded me with 14 Estonian (own age group) championship titles. I´ve competed in several international competitions (inc. twice Junior World Championships, European Youth Olympic Festival and World Cup). I also represented Estonia in Lahti 2017 World Championships.
I live by the philosophy that you deserve nothing, unless you work for it. Belief is what keeps us going and helps to push the limits.

Born 1995 (age 22)
Club Sparta Spordiselts

Personal bests

Sprint (freestyle technique)

Personal best

Competition results

Sprint (freestyle technique)

Estonian Championships 3. 00 Otepää Feb. 2017
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