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We have created Sportlio for athletes who love sports. If you are an athlete who casually trains or wants to become a professional athlete, then Sportlio profile is the best way for you to show yourself. With results, pictures, videos and posts you can easily give a quick overview for anybody who visits your profile and let them discover your trainings.

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Sportlio OÜ was created in 2014 by athlete Mikk Meerents. The idea came in 2012 from a simple question when Mikk contacted companies for sponsorship. One of the company owner asked him where she can see his results and compare them with other athletes? And boom, idea of athlete database, where athlete can add results and advertise sponsors was born.

Address Mäealuse 2/1, Tallinn, Estonia
Phone +372 55572231
Founded 2014


Jürgen Külm
Long distance running

Olen Võrust pärit pikamaajooksja, endine võrkpallur. Pikamaajooksuga hakkasin tegelema 2014. aasta suvel. Ma naudin treeningute ja töö tegemist. Mis ei tapa, teeb tugevaks!...

Olen Rakverest pärit noor triatleet Eleri Etverk, kes on leidnud tee spordi juurde. Alustasin regulaarselt (ujumis-triatloni)treeningutega umbes 14.aastaselt, kuid olin...

Hello, my name is Josh, I am 21 and am a triathlete from Winnipeg Manitoba. I have been involved in physical activities and training for about 5 years now, but have been...

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